Mage Tower: Harder Than Original, No Original Rewards

Except we don’t. After 2 weeks, it’s gone for half a year, at which point it’s only gonna be available for a week at a time.

OP didn’t bring his original experience up. This is just straight up uncalled for.

Or Playstation exclusives.

The thing I don’t like about the rewards is that the content was designed to be specialization based and the new rewards are a mixture of one spec getting a unique reward and the rest getting class sets.

Feels lazy to me, and wrong. I like the sets, I just hope that they add more rewards in the future. Like I don’t get why there’s a fel bear but not a fel cat or a fel moonkin form. Or why they didn’t just make a new reward for each spec. I mean they could have easily at least done a recolor of the weapons as a fresh reward.

I’m all for having content that only the top 1% can do, so long as it’s only for bragging rights.

stop it, you’re being over dramatic.

You know there’s an achievement that has you do all the achievements in the seasonal events in a year…it comes by once a year since the introduction of achievements…weird how that has happened more times than this and nobody seems to complain…yet here we are.

every year, for the rest of this games life time…so what’s your point?

This horrible tuning must be fixed. Bosses/adds have way too much HP making fights last way too long.
Nerf HP of everything by 50% across the board to make fights length on par with legion version.

No. People who came back now have to farm a few items so they can enjoy themselves.

These people will not come back in a few months, they want to get these items now.

New mage tower is so bad I have no words. Nerf it to the ground already…

This is the part that has me amazed any of you are even doing this event at all.

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Hi, Druid Tank here.

The is, other than the stone druid, the only not so ‘regular bear but with x’ option we can get now.

Currently it’s not even about your ability to tank or pull adds/keep them on you, it’s 100% a ‘can you burn it down quick’ check which, current bear doesn’t have, ESPECIALLY without SL powers

Yeah, you actually are. Far be it for me to say how you should play, but to get angry and in an uproar over this is so elementary.

Grow up.

By the way.

Scaling for Enchants and Consumables for Mage Tower Timewalking

Before listing the best enhancements for your gear it is important to explain how scaling works for Mage Tower Timewalking. When you enter the challenge, you character level is scaled down back to level 45, that means that all enchants, food, potions, flasks, etc, will treat you as being level 45 and not your current level.

This scaling causes flasks from expansions after Legion to possibly scale down their effects. Whether an effect scales or not is unique to each item and effect, but, in general, most effects are scaled down substantially, which causes effects from previous expansions that aren’t scaled down to be possibly better.

If I recall correctly, Krull’s Annihilate gave a stacking debuff until it would eventually one shot you, so it was always a damage check.

We complained about this in Legion, too, to be fair.

Yes, but now in phase one it’s a ‘speed burn 4 mobs or whipe’ while you pray to RNG for good eye placement, the eyes are also only able to be damaged with spell damage, not melee, so if you get an adjacent one you still have to spam moonfire on it, you can also get them spawning so far back behind the boss that even WITH balance affin they are out of range for moonfire

That said, I’m going to go play some Gunfire Reborn or maybe Enter the Gungeon, both of which are hard, but fair

Aw man, I gotta check this out now.

Don’t have the double heroic leap boots anymore though :thinking:

No, the rewards were limited, but they DO need to nerf the tower.

From another thread about the MT .

BLue post

Kind of looks like BLizz is going yeah we borked it

Meanwhile they buff challenges.

It’s becoming obvious they want this level of difficulty to stick around. They just need to unlock the OG (or recolors of OGs) at this point. Their “diminish player effort” argument was trash on arrival and has been ran over by a steamroller fleet at this point.

This person gets it!

Yeah, with the greatly increased difficulty, I don’t see any basis for the “we don’t want to diminish player efforts” argument from Blizzard or the “I don’t want people to roflstomp what I worked hard for” people who generally are part of the “muh excloosives” crowd.

OG (or maybe even recolors, maybe) artifact skins should come back. They were gated behind a gate and then removed for no reason other than FOMO, and it’s disgusting in a video game.