Mage Tower: A Compromise

So you’re saying Blizzard releases content at 100% quality controlled?


That’s why they said the words “than intended”.

Reading comprehension my friend. Read between the lines.

Yes, and everything the media says is 100% correct

Now you’re just arguing to argue.

Nonsense. They did all the testing on PTR. They felt it needed the buff they gave it in incognito mode. The buff was intentional. It was a typo or misclick in the coding. It was 100% intentional or they wouldn’t have added it

Okay, but you’re also missing the:

Some are definitely harder than others, but if you browse the forums, people are saying that EVERYTHING is severely overtuned and that’s simply not true.

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Fury W is not one of them.

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Yes, yours.

Let me help :

No, I’m not, everyone agrees Fury is a meme.

No, I’ve found great consensus on the fact Fury is really, literally, a meme.

Watching Venruki do the Mage challenges was hilarious. He made them look like they were from 7.3.

So the stealth buff they added not intended? That’s what you’re saying.

Blizzard’s own words.

Top 1%ers have no problems regardless of the content?

News at 11

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Show me the quote saying that they never meant to buff it from the PTR

I honestly don’t know why you you are trying to be difficult with this. No one is saying they didn’t mean to buff it. But they obviously didn’t hit the mark correctly.


It’s not moving at all. You’re the one claiming that they did not mean to release the mage tower with its current difficulty.

And they added the buff after watching all the PTR testing and deciding it was too easy on the PTR

So the intentionally made it stronger. And you’re claiming that the buff they intentionally added was not intended?

From “Blizzard released it at the intended difficulty”, to “But they did intend to make the commit”.

Yes. Goalposts moved because you didn’t bother to see that Blizzard literally said “this isn’t what we intended”.

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You’re the first person to admit this. Everyone else is claiming that the buff wasn’t intended due to the phrasing in their “some challenges are harder than intended”.

They released it as they wanted it to be. Is it too hard for most people. Yes. Does it mean Blizzard didn’t mean for it to come off that difficult. No.

Did they miss the mark and over hype up their average player. Yes. Does that mean it was released harder than intended. No

hunter have some of the easiest challenges of them all. Or at least more forgiving of them all. Until you’ve completed (with proof) one of the objectively overtuned challenges. You are just trolling and have no right to criticize. People shouldn’t have to use 10s of thousands of broken unbridled fury potions from BFA doing stupid amounts of dmg, cyclontronic blast hitting for 8k on 2 min CD amongst other obviously not balanced items, simply to meet the dps checks of a challenge designed around tanking. Right now the Guardian druid challenge is literally the balance affinity challenge because you spend 90% of phase 1 in boomkin form in order to meet the dps requirement. That’s not good design. Why for god ake is the only people saying “anyone who complaining about nerfs iz just bad hur durr” yet hav either never tried it nor completed it themselves.

I’ve seen it before you did my friend.

The buff they added that makes it as difficult as it is now was 100% intentional. The current difficulty is due to that buff.

They specifically preface it with “success rate lower than expected”. That’s their confirmation they had higher hopes for everyone. They put more faith in us than we do ourselves as a gaming community.

Nowhere did they say “we accidentally screwed up and buffed everything by 100% instead of 60%”

Only thing they specified was success rates

Difficulty was intended. Players sucking as bad as we do, not intended