Mage LF Late Night Raiding guild

Hello! I am looking for a late night raiding guild. I currently am just farming heroics and hoping to start mythics soon However, i am just currently playing by myself so grinding has been a tad slower then I hoped. I am looking for a guild that is looking to take this expansion to the extreme. Grinding mythics in both dungeons and raids.

A little about myself. I have been playing WoW since Vanilla. Used to be priest healer for many years. Decided now would be a good time to change and try to enjoy the game a little more so i went a different route as my main toon. Will get my alts leveled at some point just focusing on one character for now.
Back in vanilla I was apart of the #1 raiding guild on Darkspear as the years went on i tried to stay in that kind of group wasn’t #1 worthy but did have guilds that went pretty far. I dropped off playing hardcore the past 2 expansions just took a break from WoW least from the hardcore prospective. This time around though I am going all in for this expansion and I am hoping to find my new home and dominate raids dungeons a like together.

Message Venth#1772 on Bnet or Happe#3509 on Discord if there are any guilds that i would possible fit into.

Hit me up in game. Name is Tylius on Deathwing. We would love to have ya join us on some raids! Guild is Memoria we raid Tue/Thurs from 8-11pm CST. How late of a late night guild are you looking for?