Maelie the Wanderer Frustrations

Maelie bith nowhere, for she is affected by a new bug which, rather than her at Keeper’s Respite bindeth, placeth her either 'neath the world or nowhither at all.
I have but two days of progress in quest for her, which I would already have completed were it not for this nonsense, and am denied five-hundred anima for slaying the new World Boss besides. The last after being denied my additional two-hundred-and fifty anima from the initial alteration of the weekly soul retrieval quest which was at first broken stingeth much.

Chains of Domination? Beta of Vexation, belike.

Yep, second day in a roll, Maelie is nowhere to be found at Azralon in my main, she is not at base, neither Korthia, spamming my macro didn’t help :frowning:

This was mostly a problem for Alliance players.

Dont worry guys, Im sure Blizzard will figure out how to fix it sometime this year


I havent seen Maelie since the 2nd day of the patch… for the rest of the 1st week was locked in town. And so far all week this week has been completely missing.


While we don’t, as a rule, comment on spawn rates or drop rates, I’d like to confirm that Maelie is not expected to be present every day.

Nonetheless, with a hotfix, we’re increasing her spawn rate, and we’re also making it so that Tiny Bell will no longer beckon for you help if Maelie is not up.

Those changes should go live in the next day or two.

Thank you!


Trying to avoid talking about my 3500+ Galleon kills eh? EH? :triumph:


Some haven been able to find her o’er the course of several days, so pardon me if I find this difficult to believe. 'Tis at least a small comfort to know it is seen as a problem.

If you told me last week that Maelie wasnt intended to be up everyday, I wouldve been like cool, no problem, its probably better that we cant complete something in a week and be done forever.

Instead were all yelling at you guys calling it a bug. YOU guys have to do better, starting from the top. It shouldnt take a week or more to get communication on the simplest things.


That;'s fine and dandy.

What’s not fine and dandy is the fact Maelie randomly resets for people.

My main has yet to have her reset. My druid has had her reset 3 times.


no thank you, for actually communicating to us. much appreciate it.

this is a needed change.


I thought we need to find her for 6 consecutive days?

Thank you for clarifying, a little communication goes a long way and helps eliminate unnecessary animosity. Please try to let us know about things like this in the future (Tiny Bell being there every day was the real problem, imo)

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Nice, glad to hear they are hotfixing it before I even started worrying about finding her. I figured the first week or so would be buggy and problematic.

Would be great to hear from Blizz more often, that’s for sure!

So she was never intended to spawn everyday? Seriously? What a very frustrating mount to get, on top of being bugged now its a roll the dice…meanwhile week 1 many people already riding around in it.


It should be every day >.<

Also, ask the devs to please fix the mailroom boss while they’re at it.


I blame us Canadians for this one. Mandated time off every week…

If isn’t not intended to spawn every day take it away from ppl that abused exploited bugs to get mount in less than a week…

This is very unfair situation, because bug abusers and exploiters got rewarded and your loyal customers got screwed.


Punish them for something that wasn’t their fault? I….

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