Macro to craft a specific item

I’m looking for how to make a macro to craft a specific profession item. For example, I would like to be able to perform the Alchemy Transmute “Herbs to Anchors” by clicking a button.

The following macro code used to do this, but it stopped working some time ago and I have not found another way to do this:

#showtooltip __descriptive_icon__
/cast __profession_name__
/run for i=1,GetNumTradeSkills() do if GetTradeSkillInfo(i)=="__trade_skill_name__" then CloseTradeSkill() DoTradeSkill(i) break end end


Ok, here’s a way to do this. It can’t let you select the icon or do anything clever like macros can, but the following works.

Look up the spell on WowHead[dot]com, for example, www[dot]wowhead[dot]com/spell=286547/transmute-herbs-to-anchors

Then take that number from the spell= in the URL and enter it into the following slash command while logged into that character.

/run PickupSpell(286547)

It will create an icon being dragged by your mouse. Drop it on a toolbar and that’s it.


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Just wrap your links in code tags (like you did) and you can include them without modification.

You’re doing the Lord’s work. Thank you.