M+ Thundering Hero Title -- Updated May 1

In this post, we’ll update the score required to earn the Thundering Hero title for Dragonflight Season 1. As a reminder, the title will go to all players who end Dragonflight Mythic+ Season 1 with a Mythic+ Rating in the top 0.1% in each region.

Updated May 1

In this region, the title will go to those who scored at least:


Good luck!


I feel like this title should go to the 0.1% per spec. That way it feels a tinnyyyyy bit fairer you know?


Would be cool.
“Thundering Feral”, “Feral Thundering Hero”, or “Thundering Hero of the Feral” has a nice ring.
Some specs could be altered to make more sense, like “Thundering Marksman” vs “Thundering Marksmanship” or “Thundering Hero of the Marksmanship” which both don’t flow well.


Well I think it would be cool but more the fact say prot pally is meta for example and all the top 0.1 tanks are prot pally. Ok cool…. What about every other spec? It should award the top 0.1 of each spec that way you’re competing against players with the same capabilities.


Maybe top 0.1% of all scores as well as top 0.03% of each spec. If you have either you get the title.

That way there are no specs like affliction or arcane where the literal best player in the world of that spec is ineligible. Meanwhile world 364 havoc dh is getting it for some reason.

I have 4 questions I have been wanting to ask since dragonflight started. 1) are we get a orc pally anytime soon since the alliance can be 5 pallies on there and the horde only 3 or make it a scenodary class they did in the runes of magic game. Shaman/paladin toon with both classes would be insane. 2) since we got dragons and panda’s may we half orc /human toons or half dragon/ taurens. 3) would it be only for the classic dungeons to be re-added to the dungeon ques please . BFA is kinda weird game. 4) can we get more XP in wrath classic please it’s tuned down to much I basically have to do 150 missions just to go up 2 level’s and the XP was only 45 per quest til I hit lvl 34 on my warlock.

This kind of FOMO just shouldn’t be in the game. Especially since it isn’t balanced properly, not all specs are viable. Those doing these insanely high scores are playing the same sort of group comps and using only the highest parsing specs at the time.


that can be cheesed and would be unfair to those playing popular specs.

Bring the player, not the class.


This kind of FOMO just shouldn’t be in the game. Especially since it isn’t balanced properly, not all specs are viable.

This statement is patently untrue - raider io is currently running an event specifically to showcase that every class and spec can be played. Do you feel FOMO for not getting the Gladiator pvp titles when you haven’t earned them? What about Cutting Edge titles/mounts? Why is the only real reward for high level M+ the one you feel FOMO over?


Huh? In its current form it favours every meta spec.


look at raider io. all spec are meta this season

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and this is why blizzard should never communicate back on the forums


I agree with you … And I’m a Prot paladin.

Also no where near 0.1%

The more I think about why the f am I here commenting…

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as a solo queing resto druid who hit 3200 last week, i kind of find it a little weird now because i havent been able to get into a single 25 key other than cos or sbg even though ive handily timed all 24s. its a little weird how many hours (probably days at this point) ive spent queing and the amount of screenshots i have from people who simply just wont do a key without an rsham even if they have a lust in group already. since im doing nothing else, ive also sat there and watched a good amount of these keys get bricked pretty quickly and the players are right back in que doing their 24. idk, just my opinion. you can call me whatever youre going to call me, but im absolutely certain im not the only person experiencing this problem. something to consider the next time you see a 420 rdruid main vs a 417 rsham alt. “bring the player, not the class” yeah some of you are full of it.

i guess my point is: good luck to those of you who arent “Meta enough”


Tracking your spec vs class would be difficulty, but it would be amusing to see like affliction warlocks get the title at 1200 rating

‘favors’ and ‘every’ dont mix.

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It’s not meant for solo queue. Some people get it that way, but it’s an unnecessary handicap unless meta. Can’t get CE through pugs either. Just find a tank and 3 dps that you’ve met while doing your 100+ 20s and group up for title. Network in season 2, and I know you can get title.


The top 0.1% (1 in 1000) of the 64687 Affliction Warlocks on RIO are the top 64 afflock players with 2917 RIO score or higher. It doesn’t have to be .1% for both overall and spec, as that score could never be seen as a rank 1 score. You can also do the top 0.1% of all scores and top 0.01% of each spec so the affliction cutoff would be 3059 for example.

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No, break the meta shows you can do keys with any class (bring the player). But to do the highest keys (the 0.1%), there is a reason why there is a meta.