M+ Thundering Hero Title -- Updated May 1

you do not need to be meta to get title. If that were the case, there wouldn’t be guardian druids getting the title

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We should come together as a community and no one goes up bast a 20 and we all have the same rating so everyone gets it!


Yeah, especially considering the top keys are always the exact same group composition. Literally 0 variety at all.

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Would love this. Not just because I’d get it, but because it would mean my being one of the least played specs means nothing. It feels more fair.

As a rdruid main. This hits home.

I’m 2500 io but literally never been accepted to a 20. Had I use my own key, sucks not being a meta healer xD

All 6 of them (in NA/OCE).

4 in eu.

I’m so very excited about this.

I can barely contain myself.

The anticipation is killing me.

Or something like that… :poop:

Are you just talking trash?

Plenty of non-meta specs are getting the title. Stop trolling.

Top keys==title. Get better.

$$$ = tokens = gold = carries.

All these FOMO rewards are a joke because they are scams by Blizz to get people to buy tokens so they can purchase carries, displacing other players from their percentile rankings. Which means the rankings are screwed up too.

but if that was the case, the game would have to track score differently per spec. meaning a Druid would need to get say… +24-26? in every dungeon 4x2x8= 64 times. vs just 16 times for the class.

sure, i would like to see something for each spec.
doesnt need to be a title. could just be an Achievement note. “this player managed to get X under played spec into the top 0.1% for that spec in season X”

kinda curious how much lower it would be for a Bear, or maybe on the grand scale of things the score would still be the same due to the really good players pushing every class, roll, and spec to their limits.

Hard pass, because I have no problem getting the title without doing this nonsense. So much cringe in here from players who have no business commenting as they’ll never be in contention for the title even if their spec is the most OP thing in the game.

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Been saying this for awhile.

.1% without regard for spec is encouraging FOTM.

this score is final? the cutoff is close?? or it will rise again? @kaiva

can we get a update after the cutoff time ? or is this the final score?

it usually gets updated after end

The top 20 keys of the season have:

  • 10 distinct teams (50% of keys),
  • 9 distinct team comps (45% of keys),
  • 2 distinct tank specs (33% of tank specs),
  • 4 distinct healing specs (67% of all healing specs, 80% of all healing classes),
  • 9 distinct DPS specs (36% of all DPS specs, 62% of all DPS classes).

And this is for the top 20 keys, which are heavily biased towards the meta specs and the specific groups who run keys at that level. You couldn’t be more wrong.

Top 3 tanks all use different comps. ofc similar classes will pop up, there is no such thing as a perfectly balanced game. You’re coping so hard if you think any competitive game doesn’t have comp biases. Any class/spec can get title. Playing a extremely under represented spec does not make you automatically entitled to rewards.

Like even this isn’t true sure the top groups are playing the best classes, how are you even remotely surprised by this? but there are people in title range on every class, and probably close to every dps spec in the game.

can we get an update on the score plz

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