M SoO Issue?

(Autai) #1

Has anyone else encountered an issue with The Fallen Protectors where they are not existing their injured state? If you have, have you figured out a work around?

Edit, it’s an on going issue.

If you’re encountering the issue, I’d suggest posting there.

More posters = more data for resolving the bug

(Chriarcy) #2

Are you talking about the paragons, not the protectors (pandas)?

(Autai) #3

These dudes.


The other two are in a constant state of meditation where they’re supposed to summon adds.

(Zaela) #4

It’s the N’Zoth eyeball. Its holding you back. Free yourself from its corruption.

(Autai) #5

Heretic! How dare you say something so blasphemous!

(Chriarcy) #6

here is post on reddit, try reading that. Hope it helps.

Copy and paste

(Autai) #7

Seems like the work around is hit or miss. I’ll try doing it slowly to see if that ‘fixes’ it.

Thank you for the link.

(Zaela) #8

This one is too far gone. She fails to understand that she is the real heretic. May this mindless wretch soon be freed from her curse upon the edge of a runeblade.


You have to kill about the same time. Ive had paragons bug often but not this one.

(Autai) #10

Ok I tried killing them one at a time slowly. Started with Rook. He summoned only one add and it was the Fire Bomb one. He didn’t get up after I killed it.

The I took out Sun to see how it would go down, same thing. She summoned her Pandaren of Anquish, but once defeated, she didn’t get back up.

Unfortunately, I can’t do that. One you get them down ~40% they auto go into their meditative state when adds are supposed to be summoned and then defeated.

Currently, only He is working correctly.

(Snikrot) #11

It’s a new bug, that’s why people aren’t understanding the situation or thinking there shouldn’t be a problem.

There’s a big thread in the bugs list… hopefully it’ll be resolved soon.

(Autai) #12

I hope so. My mog is at stake D: !!! Can you imagine not being able to complete a desired mog :scream::scream::scream: