M+ resto feels bad

anyone else having problems with mid keys with resto druid? it feeling like quite a struggle to try keep anyone alive with hots rolling on everyone… specially in tot dealing with drown dot


Not really trees do most of the hard work so as long as you can rotate them and keep alternating cooldowns rolling its actually really fine with plenty of uptime to dps. Mana can be a bit of an issue for extended chain pulls though.


Rdru feels so inasne in m+ right now

Your spot healing is insane, and you can recover well from bad situations. The problem comes with how the keys are tuned because these mobs HURT.

Some bosses are also unrecoverable once you afll behind in healing.

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Hurt when they are allowed to hurt. The high damage comes from

  1. Avoidable mechanics
  2. Interrupts missed or
  3. Lack of hard cc for those that can’t be interrupted

The actual base dmg mobs do themselves isnt all that high.

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Yes I’m aware of that, doesn’t just change that they hurt becuase you CAN stop it.

BRH adds before first boss are the worst things on the planet. You can stop them, but you eventually will run out of stops and something will either chunk or just one shot someone.

I don’t find them too bad as plenty of lil spots for quick los, the bugs with the poison in EB is rough though that just ticks for 60-70% of someones hp.

Yes r Druid are terrible right now and in raid

ahhh thanks for input i just got get better with using guardians

As you mention, treant usage is key.

I do agree that this season is more punishing for mechanics. I don’t foresee myself pushing to KSM as much with pugs like I did last few seasons. Luckily I found a fun team and we are working through pulls and mechanics.

As we’ve gotten better at some, I’ve found my healing way outstrips what we are seeing on intake and I can spend a lot more time DPSing and let the HOTs and Treants do my work for me.

Question: Is it best to use Treants when all 3 are available? There’s occasions where I panic and use them but only have 1 or 2 and I don’t want to get into the habit of that if it’s ideal to have all 3 all the time…

Most Druids I’ve grouped with have been great.

I think it’s a you issue

Generally I try to have one out whenever I want to catweave or just need to push through a heal check. I really only go above that if I’m going to be using tranq/flourish, or if people repeat fail mechanics (failing to get BRH mobs for instance) where you need the healing. Worth noting that every time you use a guardian, they put a wild growth on everyone, so it’s a good way to precast Wild growth > grove guardian > flourish, as you’ll now have 2 wild growths out per person.

In m+ they are solid… in raid, their mana issues are causing a lot of problems. I play multiple healing classes and by far the mana issues on druid are the worst.

Kind of like Raisin said.

I always pretty much keep one on CD, even if its just on the tank.

After that I tend to use them on DPS that stand in bad or need extra healing for some mechanic.

I like they are usable in catform so I will tend to use them a lot then if I’m being lazy and don’t want to break form.

Yeah but mana has been the weakness of resto druid this entire expansion but our strength is in raw throughput. So when bosses die faster (as we reclear and get more gear) that becomes a non issue. Prog is very manage your mana and nothings wrong with that

We really shouldnt be tuned for bosses on farm.

Farm fights are not our strength anyway since hots are more likely to get clipped.

If mana needs to be a roadblock on prog fights, then all healers should have the same challenge.


We aren’t though, nobody said we are.

We are not a hot playstyle class anymore.

All? No that’s what class diversity is and its not like we are the only one who has mana issues.

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Wowhead says otherwise; throughput this season is not as good as the past. And I feel that. I agree with Avesara too, that we shouldn’t (no class should) be tuned around bosses on farm.

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Yes, we are. Druid healing still revolves around blanketing the raid with HoTs for stacking mastery in ramp windows using either Flourish or Incarn. All that changed was the distribution of healing oomph in versus out of our ramp.

Not as good as the past doesn’t mean not good though does it?

While yes this is still a core part of our healing its not the end all be all or even where the majority of our healing (overall encounter) comes from anymore. This would be our new tree friends and cleaving regrowths using hots to prioritise targets.