Lowering Great Vault Participation Requirements

To start you on your Shadowlands Season 3 journey, we’ll be lowering some of the Great Vault participation requirements with next week’s maintenance on March 1.

Raid Vault

The new thresholds for the raid requirements will map better to the structure of the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid, especially for groups attempting to move from one difficulty up into the next.

  • The first Raid Vault now requires 2 Raid Boss victories (was 3).
  • The second Raid Vault now requires 5 Raid Boss victories (was 6).
  • The third Raid Vault now requires 8 Raid Boss victories (was 9).

Mythic+ and PvP Vaults

We want to make these feel a little more attainable, even as aspirational goals for highly-engaged players who love that type of content.

  • The third Mythic+ Vault now requires 8 completed dungeons (was 10).
  • The third PvP Vault now requires 5500 Honor earned in Rated PvP (was 6250).

Amazing changes!!!

Thank you Blizzard!!!

:blue_heart: :blue_heart: :blue_heart:


That’s what we’ve been waiting for


seems good, especially if you raid with some especially silly people like i do. good lookin’ out :sunglasses:


This is a nice change up. Thank you! :smiley:

Hopefully the 10.0 change to the great vault is its deletion.


Hopefully the 10.0 change to the great vault is its deletion.

Why would someone want that? Do you want to go back to the old chest system? It was the worst. The vault is just extra loot at the start of a week, can’t be mad about extra loot.

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Much better.

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Everyone that hated the vault, apologize to blizzard right now

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Is it perfect: no
Is it substantially better than what we had before: Yes, Absolutely.


Delete it.

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Thank you for this

If you don’t like it, then just don’t use it. It’s your choice.


And have nothing? Or one chest? No thanks.

The vault still needs to go. I hope they discontinue it next expac, its horrible rng.


I want raid loot to go up instead. We have 4 items per 20 now, make that 6 or even 8.

I want mythic+ loot to come from the actual dungeons not a weekly lottery ticket. Let valor be able to go to 252 for an appropriately high score (20s?) with a cap to be the analog to raid lockouts (no unlimited 252 gear)

I want the end of dungeon gear drops to pick 1 item per boss for the gear. Because we literally killed each boss, so 1 item from each should drop.

I want PvP gear to just be bought with honor and conquest.

And throw weekly lootcrates in the trash with the other mobile game ideas.


Should consider dropping the rating requirement from the PvP slot.


Values like that should of been there since launch but good change.

The raid I can understand lowering since we have 12 encounters this tier. For m+, 10 to 8 is huge though. :raised_hands: