The Great Vault UI Is Now Updated for Season 3

For a few players, there could be a tricky situation at the Great Vault just after Season 3 starts this week, and it needs some explanation.

As we previously explained, the thresholds required to qualify for Great Vault rewards are lowered in Season 3. These lowered thresholds will first apply to the Vault after the completion of the first week of Season 3 activities, which is next week.

However, the UI for this has now been updated. What this means is: it’s possible to have completed 8 Mythic+ Dungeons last week (Season 2) and see that the Great Vault is not offering you a reward, even though it says 8 Mythic+ Dungeons in the tooltip, because for the last week, the reward still requires 10 Mythic+ Dungeons.

Good luck with your final rewards from Season 2!


Thanks for the clarification!

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Can we get a simpler answer regarding the great vault rewards from completing content in this current week. If we clear 8/8 raid will we have all 3 options to choose from. If we do 8 m+ will we have 3 options to choose from. If we only do 2/8 heroic and then 6/8 normal will we have 1 heroic option or 2 normal options?

Great changes to vault and i cant wait to get replica options of loot i already have and not get the actual item i need 17 weeks in a row in season 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

Many thanks in advance.

thats what she said