Lots of Evokers rerolling?

I’ve been seeing this sentiment a lot, even from players who’ve found some success with the spec.

Are you sticking it out or going back to your old main?


Going to be swapping back to Shaman most likely. At least it’s something that can still be fun.


I’m working on my DK now, though I’d say my dragon is still my main.

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I stopped doing pvp once I hit 2400 and got the unlocks, and now just do heroic raid and sometimes keys with my guild. Puts me at the level where the issues with evoker aren’t dealbreakers.

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Sticking with it, in hopes the leak of a 3rd Spec is correct (Another Ranged DPS Spec) or overhaul Devastation.

It’s a fun class, but I almost wonder if it was intentionally held down at the start of DF. Early DF the vast majority of PvP Healers were Preservation, so the conspiracy side of me wonders if Devastation was held down to be unappealing compared to Preservation, as an effort to help a major Healer Shortage in Arenas. If Devastation was overpowered / more appealing, this would have drawn away a large amount of the healers participating in Arena at the time.

Now since the Disc buff, many of those Preservation guys went to Discipline Priest. Devastation barely has been changed in 10.0.7 and 10.1, in comparison to the Ret overhaul, despite underperforming in Arena like Ret Paladin.

Makes me think either a massive Devastation overhaul is in the works or the leaks are correct and we get 3rd and new Ranged DPS Spec for Evoker in 10.1 or the patch after, since the Preservation hype has quieted down.

If a 3rd spec is introduced, I imagine new shared abilities for all 3 specializations will be introduced, and this could explain why we are receiving minimal attention in a weak position.


Actively seeking a spec with a similarly satisfying core gameplay. The new Elemental talent that supports hardcasting is very interesting to me. Fire is my go-to caster besides ele but it seems to be mostly instant spam now as well.

My WW monk is 62 and I’ve been enjoying it so far. First alt I’ve made any real progress on. Might be the best bet even if I’m not generally a fan of piano play styles. The rotation will be muscle memory eventually and it feels like it has a more thoughtful, opportunistic playstyle than most melee.

Haven’t given up on Devastation entirely, but I’m definitely close enough to doing so that I want to be ready. I have my Legend achievement done and am very unlikely to bridge the gap all the way to Crimson Legend (going to try for it, but realistically speaking I’m just not going to be good enough this season), so this is the perfect time to explore a bit in case 10.1 doesn’t pan out well. Worst-case scenario I come away with a bit more knowledge of other specs and another alt or two at 70.

Sticking it out.

im probably gonna drop mine and go back to shadow


Dropped straight away due to the flight ability
Wings are used for what blizzard?
Would they even understand a simple question? :thinking:


Trying to do my glad push and it feels pretty bad that our only viable comp is with FDK, which not many folks play.

Not that it matters since Ret is basically the only viable spec ATM.

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Im working on my paly right now, but always struggle with the healing… i wished they made it more… less… clunky?
At least paly looks great and prot and ret are fun to play.
Might switch to monk or druid too, i have all of those 70 and pvp geared. Ill wait for 10.1 to make a final decision i guess.
Evoker will remain my main gatherer

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I rerolled. Hundreds of hours of progression in the trash because they don’t know what they want or really what we want from it. That toon is in the bin, and I reclaimed their name. Very upsetting stuff as I did like it but apparently, they do not.


I didnt go back to my old main but i stopped playing evoker pretty quick. I did not like the “mid range” dps where your main damage dealer was a chanel that consumed a recharge resource and if you had to stop casting it for any reason it was severaly punishing.

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Only one of the healer streamers I follow have played their evoker since Tuesday. The one who did only brought it for mythic raid and complained about how bad it is now the whole time, and swiftly went to his shaman/druid for keys.

Almost all of them are on their shamans right now, with a handful on druid.

This first season was weird for me. I started as Preservation and really struggled with the limited range in pugs. So I geared up my Druid, and then 10.0.5 hit and the revamped TA addressed my issues with Preservation, so I went back to it. Now with 10.0.7 I’m glad I kept up with my Druid.


Going back to mistWeaver.

MW is stonks for 10.1. I think it’s gonna be meta healer.

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I just dont understand what they are trying to achieve, since the beginning

  1. You have Soar, that does not have all the benefits of dragonflying
  2. You,ve got wings, but cant use them for normal flying in azeroth
  3. You have bugs that never get fixed
  4. You have a dps spec that lacks complexity
  5. You have a healing spec that is constantly nerfed.
  6. you are limited to 25-30 yards
  7. You cant have transmogs
  8. Some spells should be cast on the move even without hover

Are there any advantage to play evoker at all. Half of the list here could make the class fun at least, but we have nothing. It’s a bit sad.


Shambly setup demo and lets mage lock to glad lol

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I’m hoping for a third spec, or for Dracthyr to be able to stand up to other multi-role classes like Druid and Shammy, but frankly, Evoker is what brought me back to the game. If they continue to make me hurt with the changes, I’m going to get my lizard fix on ESO. I’m just not interested enough in the other classes to main them. But then maybe I’m not the player Blizzard wants. They got their resubs from hyping Dracthyr and making it feel good for a while. Now they’re dumping in all the nerfs in hopes people got hooked enough they’ll “stay for everything else.”

I loved that I was largely self-sufficient as an Evoker in my boring PvE play. I would have loved having Soar be a full dragonriding replacement, because it’s really just a skin for a mount ability to begin with (I suspect they may get that when DragonRiding is released to the rest of the world).

Most of all, I just wanted to have a class that didn’t die at everything. Nothing like dying to a rarespawn and then watching as a pally or runs up and blasts it to kingdom come. I don’t mind not topping damage charts or healing charts. But I mind feeling like I can’t do content without having other players to rescue me.

Moreso I hate that they would dress up such a blatant nerf to self-heals as “helping” burst damage recovery. It feels dirty, and half my salt is from the fact they tried to ‘hide’ it. If they had just come out and said, “We think Ancient Flame is too strong because you can spam it,” I still wouldn’t have been happy, but I wouldn’t feel like my intelligence had been insulted on top of it.

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but why not a tank? We already can’t tank as a dragon which is dumb and frustrating

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10.1 ill be a mistweaver, Evoker is just getting endlessly changed to the point it barely works. And thats coming from a 98parse Heroic Healer :stuck_out_tongue: