Lots of Evokers rerolling?

here is why… DK, Monk, DH… Take your pick of the “new classes” that can tank

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Yes but those are classes. Dracthyr CANNOT tank AT ALL… We are locked out of 33.3% repeating of the game.

Been a lot of new tanks and melee dps with DK, Monk, and DH. Devastation Evoker is the only new ranged dps spec since vanilla

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I would be fine with it if we could be other classes… but we can’t tank with our ONE class. It feels arbitrary imo

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I’ve already made the switch back to Paladin and so far been enjoying Ret again.

With the massive nerfs to the Bronze side of Preservation, literally focused entirely for me as I love the Bronze Aspect side of things I’m at the fork in the road, go back to Resto Shaman or Holy Paladin my old mains.

Preservation Evoker should of honestly just gotten an aura nerf, rather then kill the actual fun play style in favour to pushing a bad horrible clunky spell like Emerald Blossom, that spell should of gotten a rework not destroy TA even more.


I think at the end of the expansion the dracthyr will go back to sleep for 10k years and Blizz will lock all evokers, you wont be able to play them anymore. Case solved.


This entire class forum is exactly why devs don’t interact. The amount of whining from LFR Karens is astounding.


Preheat (arguably the top PvE Dev Evoker) is also extremely unhappy with the 10.1 changes.

I’m the #1 Dev Evoker in Solo Shuffle. I’m not thrilled with the lack of design direction, either.


Unhappy with a change and/or direction is very different than, “my class is unplayable and horrible on every level” which this sub-forum is filled with.

That’s true. People tend to be hyperbolic when providing feedback.

That doesn’t mean the core sentiment is invalid. You just have to take it with a grain of salt.


they achieved what they set out to do. its blizzards monkeys paw for us asking for dragons as a playable race for all these years. this is the we got dragons at home bs. imo blizzard has proven that they can not make a new class especially a caster. its beyond their skillset.

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I’m still holding on but I feel like I’m on my last straw. I’ve slowly been trying other classes to see what I would swap over to (leaning towards Elemental or Shadow atm). I love the concept of Devastation but they’re really dropping the ball with the recent changes and the upcoming ones. I understand that they have a specific pipeline to follow for rolling out changes, but no communication combined with the direction of changes they’re taking has me feeling really hopeless for the specs future.


No, my DH doesn’t amuse me as much as before, repeating the story to level other characters doesn’t call me (I know I don’t need it, but I’m a completionist or something, I can’t see that there’s things on the map uncompleted, and go through it with every alt is just frustrating) so I’ll most likely cancel me sub until some new content comes out that calls me out, or they spend some serious time fixing the DH or Evoker.


I would like to report that while Fire is an instant spamfest, Arcane seems to actually cast to some appreciable degree, and is fairly nuanced otherwise.

My sub end November. I’ll probably play a little here and there, until it ends, and continue playing Guild Wars 2. If they decide to fix it and announce a rework for Devastation before it my sub ends, I’ll come back to try it, but, until then, I spend my time reading the forums. If the rework sucks, too bad for them.

I would say the same thing about Ret Paladins, but you know… they got their rework from the same amount of frustration we’re having, but go ahead. Coming into Evoker’s class forums and complaining about our complaints yourself like a Karen. :shushing_face:

The truth is the specs are unplayable and horrible and there are loads of player Feedback on the reasons as to why, but since you come here to IGNORE those complaints… :grimacing: By the way, in this situation, the change and direction of the specs make them horrible and unplayable. :shushing_face: Hence why there are MANY threads on those issues with high levels of complaints :shushing_face: but go ahead.


You don’t even play at a level where spec choice matters. Of course, I don’t expect someone who’s best performing average is lower than 60 percent to get it.

So because of the way we are being nuked from orbit, being treated like a full range healer/dps (which we arent), demoralizing nerf after nerf after nerf, NO feedback or fixes on bugs, horrible mog situation (or lack thereof), awful visages (yes this is a personal choice as I dont like humans OR elves), lack of identity (we have become a discount druid towards the bottom of the healing charts), and lack of true flying or dragonriding

JUST to name a few things wrong with us; this makes us karens? hush and go back to your troll dungeon


Three of the top four healers in mythic plus are evokers, but nice hyperbole.

We were top of the healing charts and rightfully so; as we have shorter range so we had better be the best within that range