Lost Signal Normal Only Learning/Fun Team. Cross Server & Cross Faction!

Lost Signal is a one night a week Normal only raiding team within the Currently Online community that raids cross faction Horde and Alliance! Our team is focused on introducing new and returning raiders to the current raid tier. When not raiding, we do M+, Timewalking Raids, and Achievement runs!

If you’re interested in raiding, but not sure where to start, we are the team for you! Our goal is to introduce people to raiding and help them acquire the knowledge and skills to excel in any raid environment.

  • Schedule: Sunday 8:00pm - 11:00pm Server (Central Time Zone)
  • Available Roles : We accept any class and any spec.
  • Requirements : We have no experience requirements. Characters must be 260 ilvl (for Fated Raids).

Currently Online Discord https://discord.gg/62cHS5PQYr

To apply, or for more information about the Currently Online community, check out our website: https://www.currentlyonline.org/wow-teams

It was too hard to pick between Horde or Alliance, so we chose both! With alternating raid nights, this is a great team to play with alts or test out new characters. Perfect time to get in some pre-Shadowlands practice.

Lost/Loster Signal are still in full swing! Once pre-patch hits we will do Uldir, Battle of Dazaralor, and Eternal Palace transmog runs until Shadowlands. Then its full steam ahead into new content!

If you are interested in joining, sign up now so you have your spot for SL!

Finishing M+ achievements, transmog sets, and preparing to say farewell to BfA! Once Shadowlands hits we will hit the ground running, I recommend joining now to reserve your spot.

Hey all! Doing BfA transmog runs tomorrow. Just enjoying the last several weeks before pre-patch hits. If you would lile to come hang out with us and get a feel for the team this is a great opportunity!

We are back at it and always have room for more people! If you are new to raiding, or just returning to WoW after a long break, Loster Signal is a great team to start out with and begin building up your skill set!

The holidays are over and tomorrow is our first official Alliance raid! Come swing by our Discord and say hi!

Hey all, if you are looking for a sociable and fun group to hang out with, we are the place for you!

Another successful raid night down! We had 5 new players last night and cleared through Sun King! We are focused on skill building and helping people progress so they can eventually move into Heroic or Mythic!

Alliance raid is tomorrow! Feel free to come hang out and pug into this weeks run so you can see what the team is like!

All that remains is Sire Denathrius!

Alliance rotation is up again! Starting with Daddy Nathrius then resetting to farm bosses!

2 hour full clear last run, looking for a repeat tonight! If you are tired of the grind, come hang out with us and play for fun again.

Time to start working on alts and achievements in preparation for the new tier! Currently Online has also started a new Heroic Team Alliance side, so check them out as well!

If you are suffering from boredom, expansion fatigue, or just general burnout, this will be a great opportunity to relax, play what you want, and enjoy hanging out with friends!

Hey all! We just finished our Currently Online M+ Scramble tournament! This event had us randomly paired into teams and competing to see who could push the highest and fastest keys! If you are suffering from boredom, our community is the cure!

9.1 HYPE! The new raid comes out July 6th! If you are new to raiding, or just want a more casual pace, we are the team for you! We just completed our Glory of the Nathria Raider achievement, and now are finishing off the last of our transmog in preperation for the new tier!

First night of the new raid is this Sunday! If you have never gotten to experience WoW’s end game, this is a great time to see what all of the hype is about!

We are always looking for new people to come hang out with us!

Starting with KT and Sylv next week, then resetting for our farm bosses on alts. If you are looking for a casual and fun environment this is the team for you!