Lost Deaths Verdict to a prot paladin

The raid people(his buddies) said it was a prot pallys bis. Idk, that’s a dps trinket. Who in their right mind thinks this should go to a prot tank paladin over dps. What are your thoughts wow fam?


Sounds like nepotism but that’s what happens when you PuG, you run the risk of things like this happening. He’s probably a Ret who flexes as a Prot.


He never mentioned a pug.

It definitely is bis for threat for prot pal.

Prot paladins in top guilds are running it too.


So what do you think that means?

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It’s absolutely BiS for threat. Prot never replaces it, and it’s so good that you can opt for tankier armor.
The actual times you wear double tank trinkets are pretty rare.

But with that being said
Personally I wouldn’t take it unless it’s an SR pug and I SRd it or I’m buying it in a GDKP.


It’s better for a prot pal than half the dps. If you account that a tank uptime on a boss is greater than a dps it’s worth a lot on a prot pal.

Now, there’s definitely some people that are gonna be mad if this was a guild group if you give it to a prot paladin and it’s very understandable.


Probably what it was, thanks for the feed back. Pugs are rough.


I think he explained it poorly.

My guess is he lost a roll to a prot pally, but worded it in a far more ambiguous way.

There’s still the rare ms>os raid out there, or they could’ve HR’d it, or he could’ve SR’d it, but either way.

Do you think him saying “him and his buddies” indicate it’s not a PUG run?

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It was speculation until he confirmed it was a pug. Again, poor explanation.

it’s cringe even if it’s good

just like scale of fates on healers or illidan haste healing cape on a warlock


I’ve been in more than a few groups that refused to give loot to obvious carries who didn’t deserve it. Also this story is missing a TON of relevant information, along with logs.

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oof buddy, trust me you don’t want to see the logs. Overall decent group but giving deaths verdict to the tank caught me off guard.

Prot pallies already have top threat without that trinket.

And if dps are somehow beating them that’s the pallies fault.


People are so entitled now, that anything that is even a 0,001% upgrade they think they can demand from anyone else.

Friends don’t let friends join PuGs.


Prot pally OP.

Errr, I don’t think I did but to each their own

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One of the gdkps I go to has a prot pally open 50k everytime. He calls it the goalie bid. He never wins it, but hey you never know. One of these days he might break cage and get it.

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Is prot planning on going DV + Jar? 'cuz that’s gross if so (and Jar is almost certainly going to be a waaaaaay better threat trinket than DV)