Lorewise; Who Would Win A Dance Off?

The mighty Horde and imperious Alliance have proven to be more or less evenly matched when it comes to clashes of sword and sorcerery. But what of a battle of rhythm? Which side comes out victorious and which side hangs their head in shame?

Now pre BFA I say this goes pretty handily to the Horde. Because they’ve trolls doing backflips and Stormwindian have terminal suburban dad at a BBQ disease.

But with the arrival of the allied races I’m unsure. The female Kul Tirans are frankly surprisingly agile and I don’t think anyone’s going to be able to top the Mechagnomes rendition of the robot.

Circumstances are;

  • It’s neutral territory
  • A representative from every race is there
  • Neither side has any prep time and no previously coordinated number.

Who wins?


I’d say the horde wins hands down. Between the troll and Tauren dances alone, it’s no competition :cow:


The Horde has the Shatterspear Trolls. Of course it’d win a dance-off


Horde has Trolls.

Horde wins unquestionably.


Zandalari have that Party Totem as a Rep Item, I believe.

I don’t know if there is an Alliance equivalent.


Clearly the Horde.


Ever see the classic documentary film series “Illegal Danish”?

It’s clear that all the good dance moves are Horde. Compare for yourself.


Maybe the Horde will win in dance but we win in music and song.

When BFA launched the Horde decided to give us a monologue. The Alliance entered the battle with a sea shanty.
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Maybe, but don’t forget that the greatest musicians of Azeroth (and other blizzard universes as well), Elite Tauren Chieftain, are Horde.

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The horde doesn’t stand a chance. Draenei and Night Elves get PAID to dance. On mail boxes, on tables, on people… We’re professionals. you filthy mud hut casuals.

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Pah! A Christian rock band has more musical chops than ETC.

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That’s … one way of putting it.

That is a very Alliance centric thing to say.

Mailbox dancing happens on every faction. You think the Horde has that corner unmarketed?

Any common Orgrimmar Streetwalker can get more than a Goldshire Mailbox dancer.

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And look better doing it mind you :stuck_out_tongue:

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The Horde, because trolls even have the voodoo shuffle racial.
Trolls be flippin’ out mon!


Hmm. Trolls are a strong factor, but I do have to note that is is a near impossibility to watch the male draenei dance and not feel happier.

It’s the big dorky grin and the cheerful little tail wag.


The Moonkin.

I would have said Pandaren or Dwarves given the fixation their societies have on revelry.

The Alliance wins, we have the waggle.

You may have the waggle, but we got the voodoo shuffle