Lord/Lady of War Title

I’m looking for help with acquiring this title from WoD. Apparently I need 15 total people, all of whom must have a level 3 gladiators sanctum built in their garrison.

Any takers? Me love you long time =)

It’s actually wack that title is per-character… I never play my WoD toons anymore and i actually got the damn thing. The event was fun, too. Blood DKs were like a raid boss back then. Rets had an easier time of making it to the end too

So I hear. I didn’t look too deep into it back when I played during WoD. Would’ve been nice to know there were so many titles that would’ve been much easier to get back then when the open world was livelier.

I would love for there to be an option for solo players to get this, even if it means making it extremely difficult.