Loot Trading in Classic *updated*

UBRS doesn’t have a raid lockout so… it’s not a raid, aka you can run it over and over again.

Fantastic news…thank you for your continued efforts to listen to player feedback and make the necessary adjustments.

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This is an acceptable compromise. Loot trading in dungeons would greatly discourage pugs and therefore harm the community, while raids are usually guild affairs and therefore self-policing. I would still prefer no loot trading, and that Blizzard simply ignore loot trade tickets if they don’t have the staff to handle them, but I doubt current day Blizzard would even consider that option.

when we talk about the wow community, it has always included you blue guys, not sure why you felt compelled to stayed away, but I think I speak for a majority of the classic community , you are always welcome to be a part of our discussion and we are glad you are finally making us a part of yours.
A symbiotic relationship will do wonders in bringing forth a classic game, we all hope for.


Is it just me or is all the heart left in Blizz seems to be working on Classic?


No- this is not acceptable. Absolutely NO loot trading! Please make sure your voices are heard. Telling Blizzard this is an acceptable compromise allows further changes.

#NoChanges #NoLootTrading


Please just don’t release something akin to a post nerf vanilla private server on legions engine.

This really sucks, you should have just stuck to your guns and kept it on all content.

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Smart decision.

It’s actually not, sorry.


The solution is to wait out the lockout. Loot Trading is not okay and goes against the spirit of Classic.


Horray! ­­­

I don’t like that loot trading is in at all, but I had accepted that it would be. That being said, I think this is a good way to ease most of the concerns many of us had about it.

Because you had big plans of ninja looting that just got ruined. LOL.


Happy days :smiley:

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Except that it happened all the time in classic, you just had to get a gm to do it for you.


Loot trading will only exist in a raid environment. In a raid environment we have two possible options.

Guild Raid - You signed up for the guild and the run. You most likely know the rules.

Pug Raid - You saw an ad in trade chat. They most likely put the rules in there and you joined.

Each of those options for loot trading puts you in control of joining the group. If you are afraid of an item getting taken or loot not being distributed properly. You can make your own raid.


Was loot trading in Vanilla?

No. And It should not be in Classic.


Ideally it wouldn’t be in Classic at all, but it would be abused much more often in dungeons, as well as much harder to prove, than in raids. So confining it to raids is a definite improvement.


As always,thanks for the update Kaivax.

Now this is how you compromise.

Blizzard was going to have this in anyway folks…due to not wanting a large CS staff.