Loot Trading in Classic *updated*

unless they provide you a source. don’t believe them. i can’t recall anything about nerfing solo tribute runs.


Unless there was a blue post on the EU forums I’m unaware of, Blizzard didn’t say they would be cutting out DM farming.

Good, I don’t see it as an exploit considering you are using your classes abilities as well as engineering.

A surprise for sure, but a welcome one.

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No…no…no YOU will die

I like this post! Great news.

But the AV news is still a huge disappointment…


Loot trading will still be a thing in many raids IE 20 mans and such,honestly its a disgrace blizzard can’t even manage to make a blizz like WoW classic,however why should I be shocked you guys have been utter disappointments all years just across the board

At least they aren’t allowing it in dungeons

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People will reserve items in those raids and have don’t it in pug raids.

I can see this being a huge problem in pugs that are free roll but I mean… you are doing a pug with free rolls what do you expect.

Great job Blizzard. Stand by for all the success that’s coming back to wow this summer.

I can’t begin to express how happy I am that you guys in the classic team are listening so much to us and trying to work WITH us and not against. It really does feel like this game is being made for the gamer, the old school lovers of the game…it really warms my heart. Thank you!! :heart:

Great news! Thank you so much!!


YEEEESSSSS!! thank you Blizzard you totally rock!

This open line of communication is wonderful. Thank you for this excellent news and thank you for listening to us!

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Probably the most Liked Post i’ve seen on the Classic Forums in quite awhile.
Well done Classic Team.


This team really gets it. Thank you so much for listening! Now please let me know the release date so we can all put in for the days at work.

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Big brain reply by Blizzard.

So what if I’m doing an MC pug on an alt and it’s free roll… jimmy and six of his close friends join the raid and all roll need on an item that jimmy needs and then the one that wins trades it to jimmy.

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Blackrock Spire is one giant dungeon, just because the upper half is tuned for 10 players instead of 5 players doesn’t make it a raid in the same way that MC and ZG are.