Loot Trading in Classic *updated*

Classic dev team … your AWESOME!

The fact your listening and responding I don’t have the words to express my joy.

The fact your then also implementing, modifying, or reverting system game mechanics to suit playerbase feedback is a breathe of fresh air



The responses praising this are making me laugh.

“Classic better get it right. We want the TRUE Classic experience.”

“We decided to throw in this quality of life experience from Wrath of the Lich King.”

“FINALLY You’re doing something right.”

…Do you guys even know what you want?

Going from “Loot trading for everything” to “loot trading in raids” is a step in the right direction. Is it perfect? Maybe not. But it beats the alternative. And shows that Blizz is actually listening to community feedback.



So…is WoW classic a way for the devs to become ‘Blizzard Classic’? Because right now, you guys are being awesome.


Thank you…

This actually make sense because ppl actually mess up on ML.

This is fantastic news, and shows that the Classic team is willing to listen to feedback to come up with community approved solutions to complicated issues.

This also gives me confidence that I can take them at their word regarding sharding.

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Why not just tie it to master loot mode…?

That way you can opt in/opt out in any type of content.

I think this is a good compromise. Thank you, Blizzard, for:

  • Listening to the discussions on this forum.
  • Demonstrating you are listening by posting frequent updates (please continue this!).
  • Explaining the issue as you see it, and coming up with a reasonable compromise plan that will please most (certainly not all) people.
  • Quickly clarifying the UBRS distinction in the same thread.

I hope to see more of this kind of interaction!

That all said, please do consider reducing the 2 hour trade window to something closer to about 10-15 minutes. Too long a window will speed up gearing, on average, for the whole group. An example is that the tank gets a slight weapon upgrade in the first fight, takes it, and an hour later a second weapon drops that upgrades that weapon. If the tank can take the upgrade and pass the first weapon to upgrade someone else in the raid, this upgrades two players instead of just one (if the guild was focusing on min/maxing the main tank first) or this upgrades the tank faster (if the guild would pass the better weapon to someone other than the tank).

It’s probably not a game breaker, but it is a change to the pacing of the overall gearing that could be avoided by a (seemingly, to me) simple fix of reducing the loot trading window duration well below 2 hours.

While the best solution is to not implement it at all this is the best compromise and one that I think most of us can live with. Thank you blizzard for listening to the community. Now if we can just get 1.5 av :slight_smile:

What about Outdoor Raid bosses?


Thanks team! I am very surprised people get so worked up over these issues when we know you guys know what your doing and can simply figure out a solution. Either way i believe in you guys to do it right. Cant wait for next update fingers crossed for a release date!

i actually never thought of that, it’s a very good point…

If the RL holds on to all loot until the end of a raid the guild will gear up much more efficiently.

I wonder if they might have some reporting tools that keep an eye on that though. It would be easy for the system to report a guild that does that, for further review.

I’m starting to get that tingly feeling inside again…

Dare I say that these last couple of updates have felt very OG Blizzard-like.

Keep it up Classic Devs! We :heart: you!

I think everyone can agree that this is a good compromise.

Huh? They’re actually reverting that feature, partially anyway. So yeah, that’s great news. Maybe you should follow a little more closely.

They’re actually listening. Color me impressed.

If it’s not possible to completely get rid of loot trading, can we get some additional limitations on it for raids to prevent it from being used for reasons other than accidental mislooting?

Some suggestions:

  • You can only send it back to the ML for reallocation (This prevents loot selling on raids)
  • Timer reduced to 5-10 minutes. (Accidental misloots will be noticed immediately, this prevents loot being thrown back into the pool if something better drops later in the raid, and prevents people from selling loot to former raiders after the raid has concluded.)
  • Equipping an item removes the ability to trade an item. (Accidental mis loots are possible, but accidentally equipping an item that is accidentally looted to you? That strains credulity. Sure, someone could equip it to keep from being pressured to return it, but with actual CS they wouldn’t return it against their will anyway)

Blizzard has a vested interest in stamping out gbid and loot selling because people can and will buy gold in order to buy loot, and with tokens not directly in classic, chinese gold farmers are going to be rampant, and Blizzard doesn’t make a penny from gold sellers.


Love it! Awesome compromise!

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AWESOME SAUCE! I pug a lot and let me tell you I was extremely worried about this for 5 mans. Raids meh whatever but 5 man funneling is now dead! That kind of thing ranks up there with ilvl, gear score and of course Raider io.


Doesn’t really seem like Classic WoW if you’re making tweaks like this for the better or worse.

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