Loot lag / quest turn ins

A friend of mine is unable to loot / turn in quest without the game lagging out. Mean while me in the same party standing right next to him doesn’t have any issues. We are both on Illidan. He can cast and kill mobs without any issue its only when he goes to loot or turn in quest. His home / world 30ms. Does not make any since at all.

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I am experiencing the exact same problem. On Illidan. I am the one lagging. Really wish this could be fixed. It taking 2 minutes to mine a node is bit unreal while others just fly and mine away.

I’m the friend, I have no addons on currently. Plz help.

Probably the worst launch I’ve ever played. The lag is unbelievable, on Illidan which is probably way. Unfortunately, there probably won’t be a fix as the fix is people losing interest in the game lessening the strain on the server. Multiple million dollar company great value service.

It just doesnt make sense. I’m on the same server, we are on the same shard since we are partied and right next to each other and I’m not getting any of the lag. And its not just in the new zone either. I had him go outside of Org and kill something and it still has loot lag but his ms is 30 for both home and world.