Looks like the Horde won

Sorry Alliance players, but it looks like we burned your people alive and sent their souls to hell, destroyed your zones, took other zones and blighted the ones we didn’t want.

And now the best part: We got away without a scratch. The only thing you got to do was killing 1 of our Val’kyr which really didn’t hurt us at all, you couldn’t even take down a single undead archer in 8.1 with all your power combined.
Both Sylvanas and Nathanos got away scot free and they’re just fine, bonus points for Sylvanas killing that traitor and Alliance apologist Saurfang.
It’s funny that Blizzard even stated that the faction war has been resolved after we all pretended that we’re good now and you forgave us, meanwhile you couldn’t put a scratch on either the Horde or the forsaken, and especially not Sylvanas or Nathanos.

Seems like you have chosen the wrong faction, since even Blizzard thinks that it was just fine and not evil what we did to you in BfA, enjoy that 1 Val’kyr kill because you aren’t getting anything else. Meanwhile your people are being tortured and destroyed in the maw by our untouchable queen Sylvanas :man_shrugging:

For the Horde! For Sylvanas!

You look a lot more rotten than most Trolls in the Horde.


Nah. It was a tie.

Pretty sure this is an Alliance poster posing as a strawman.

All his arguments are ones Alliance players make, and this is this character’s first post ever.


Doesn’t seem like a tie to me at all when 1 faction loses alot and the other one gets away without a scratch, even the leaders that we put the blame on

Doesn’t matter. Both sides still agreed to a mutual armistice. Which makes it a draw.

It’s not a draw though when the Horde wins and wins and wins and then an armistice happens. It’s rather a surrender of one faction because the Alliance couldn’t defeat us.

It is actually. That’s how an armistice works.

If we’d won, there’d have been a surrender, or an utter annihilation instead.

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Your faction is essentially disbanding. I don’t see the Alliance fragmenting until after Shadowlands. Or Anduin dies. Both are kind of a longshot. That and half the Horde siding with Alliance suing for peace.

We’ll, (the players) be a bit indisposed for an as yet different scope of time withing the Shadowlands as Xalatath and Sylvanas plots everyone’s downfall.

Or not. They have made a pretty cool jumping off point with the story. Bought them 3 years dev-time too.

Have a great day.


Posting on a Horde alt won’t give you any more legitimacy. Just saying.

Nice try.



Yup, those kind of threads inspired me :slight_smile:

He really just sounds like Elesana with none of the sincerity to me.

Personally I’m just hoping whatever happens we don’t get the Anduin was right, Night Elves were wrong aesop about peace and everyone just forgives everything and sings his praises.


(Analysis): Forsaken. Level 10. Post count in the single digits. Posting an inflammatory topic.

(Conclusion): Forum trolling-alt.


Spamming the Forums with low level Alts while parroting the same talking points as other equally barely used Forum Alts won’t lend credence to your argument.

Even if you are using an equally barely used Forsaken Avatar (below level 30 with less than 100 posts and less than 100 achievement points)

I wouldn’t say this is what the kids call a “hot take”, so much as a misbegotten distortion of a complaint, but reversed… or something. I hesitate to call it a troll thread, because that is insulting to Warcraft’s Trolls.


I should start posting on some of my Goldshire Moonguard characters, although I don’t know if it’ll be worth it since I’ll absolutely get banned!

oh my this looks like a new thread that will surely provide a meaningful debate amongs my fellow forum dwellers.

Man, being a snarky Forsaken poster is no fun when you drag our reputation through the mud like this. You’ve gotta play it cooler.

I mean, I know you’re probably some Night Elf’s alt, but still. Compose yourself.

Patience. Discipline.


This thread doesn’t even try… too boring.

Moonlasers this one away aswell

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Whut. Sylvanas lost.

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Or did she?

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