Looking to Raid

I’m looking to get back into the raiding scene. I have not raided seriously since WoD where I was a mythic raider.

Death Knight will be my main class; however I do know RDPS is more preferred so I am willing to main alt a RDPS for a raid spot (I pretty much have access to any class that is needed).

What I can bring to a raid team is:
I am a major team player, always willing to play what is needed for a team and keen to give anything a go for the sake of progression.

Ability & Knowledge
I am always reading up on optimal playstyles and keep my knowledge up to date on the state of the game and how to do mechanics.

I love to have a good time and make friends, always down for banter and creating fun and long friendships.

If you would like to chat to me further please add my Btag Rennex#11722

Hey Aifor,

Not too sure what type of guild you’re looking for but here is a link to our post - always looking to build our team and community! :slight_smile:

Good Luck with your search! :slight_smile:

Just Heal Through It

Hey check out our post