Looking for Vendetta

I used to raid with a guild called vendetta for vanilla, bc and a little bit of wraith. I was wondering if this guild is still around?
I played a druid called playaction.

Hi Play,
I remember you. It’s Nasha.
Vendetta split up and/or left server years ago. Xaxinian (did I spell it right) I heard, left the server years ago as well.

Thanks for the info. I was hoping to find them to see if they had a guild for classic. :disappointed_relieved:

I remember you playaction! Are you planning on going alliance again? I have gathered a few old KT horde and we will be rolling pvp server if you want old vanilla pvp nostalgia between Dominus/Vendetta/Reason/SPG/Stehlen Life lol

Here are 3 more old Vendetta members…Me, Martel and Mentat. I think Peerless has already reached out to Martel.

That’s a quote from the link below. Apparently a bunch of Vendetta people are getting together for Classic.

Hey, you think I can find the 160 level 60’s that were in Fire Storm Rangers? LOL. Let me know what server Vendetta may be forming on. I would be interested in joining again.

Playaction, I remember you. I’m on Dawnbringer now. I played classic for a while but my daughter ended up taking over that account. No matter how much I wanted it to be, it’s not the same.


How the heck do you play this game now?