Looking for vanilla ThoBro peeps

Any old Thorium Brotherhood people still around on this server. I’m moving back to the states and will be transferring back to a US server, would be great to find some old vanilla folks.

There’s a few of us still hanging around!

A familiar name! I have some faint memories that we crossed paths once or twice; I certainly remember Auxilio ab Alto.

I remember yours as well! Let me know if you end up looking for a home when you’re back!

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Not as many as there used to be.


Also, I’m still here.

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Hey Korsen! I got a few buddies, one of which who has been playing forever, and a few of us who are fairly new, but we are all looking for a long term home. Any room for the likes of us!?

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Yeppers I am still hanging around… (swats at a dust bunny)…

[pet attack]

Edit: (I can’t wait for Classic to launch! So ready…)

I played hordeside here in vanilla on my shaman, Amalythia. Made the move to MG because there’s a lot of activity on the server. I came back to check these forums because I was reminiscing about vanilla what with classic launching soon. Not planning on touching classic with a 10 foot pole, but it is nice remembering the good times with Bloodrite and…alliance…guild I can’t remember the name of that had like Zyn, Sylvon, that little gnome warlock that just shouted SOULFIRE a lot, and the server’s grand marshall in it. Because we’d always get matched up in PVP in our guild groups. And I think there was a warrior named Mutsu? I just remember running TBC dungeons with him and someone getting mad because he was mining all the nodes.

and ofc the cool people in bloodrite like Judith, Tazza, Loagg (even tho I know he hated me, but he seemed cool), Atrophia, Phobia, Fairbanks, Deos, Trysten, Kat and Edrigan, and…hunter and other shaman I remember but can’t think of the names of…

Can’t believe it’s been like, 14 years. My shaman is almost old enough to drive. Sad trombone noise.

Anyway: never forget the time we paid Banks like 15g to run at our main tank as the bomb. I can’t remember the dude’s name now. Not Tazza, the other dude. But yeah, never forget the good times.


I remember you.

Also you’re either thinking of Forge or Mysterium.

And there was a warrior named Mutsu. First or second guy to grind to grand marshal. I forget if Caska beat him to it or not.

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It was Forge, thank you.

Oh and I think the alliance warlock’s name was Cleatus?

I am glad I can remember these things but not where I left my keys this morning.

For sure! Hit me up in game (I’ve been really bad about checking the forums lately)

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Nacilep from bloodrite checking in, here is an old memory I found recently haha.



I was around but didn’t have a whole lot of time to play until TBC, so I mainly just fiddled about during Vanilla, not doing a whole lot after leveling.

However, when WoW Classic launches, I know Korsen is going to be interested in the return of our mutual friend, this fool from Vanilla:


Broken Faith. Server first on Lord Kazzak. Third on Rag. We learned why Vael was called the guild breaker.

Totally worth all the human contact we missed out on, the hours in molten core.

Also, whatever happened to Pol? The gnome warrior from Forge? Really funny guy.

Good evening everyone!

I’m so glad I decided to search Thorium Brotherhood / Forge threads. All the hype for Classic launching this summer has me thinking fondly of all the great memories I have raiding in Forge.

I played as Javlynn, a Night Elf rogue. It made me smile seeing your post Esaara, I remember chatting with Zyn, Sylvon, Pol (who can forget his late night Ventrilo songs?) and so many others. The mention of Bloodrite brought back great memories, opening the AQ Gates with them was a blast.

I would absolutely love to raid again with Thorium Brotherhood players again once classic launches.

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Don’t be fooled by how purple I am. Aniron the mage is elsewhere and no longer a blood elf. soz

Yeah, still around. Good to hear from you. Pretty sure Loagg is still out shoveling rocks in a driveway somewhere.

And I’m guessing that the other tank was Ton.

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Well dang Deos. Always good to see other veterans still playing. I’ve been in a few guilds since vanilla but I’ll probably always remember BR because it was my first true WoW experience. If you’re ever alliance side and want to come do a fun run of dazra’lor and hang in discord, hit me up.

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I wanted to add if anyone has plans for classic and part of a community planning on raiding please consider including me! I’m considering playing a holy paladin but I’m not against healing (or possibly tanking) Horde side. With Forge I experienced almost everything classic has to offer and looking forward to seeing it again with a good group of people.