Looking for tips

Im currently doing pvp with my paladin tank and I am trying to progress from my honor gear to conquest gear.

From my experience a tank is best suited in battlegrounds and epic battlegrounds.

I only get 15 conquest for a win where as arenas give 45 per win in generally a LOT shorter time span.

Im wondering what would be good tips for winning 2v2, best comps, strats for a pally tank.

Or should I just throw in the towel and switch to RET till I gear up then switch back to tank?

Ive had to do this many times a shaman, from healing to dps time and time again

Tank has a very real hard cap in terms of how far you can go. While there are a few exceptions from time to time, it’s not something you’re ever go to be able to push with realistically. In the end, you have to ask why you’re playing and if that goal is achievable. So, what’s your aim for arena or pvp in general?

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I believe prot is being played basically as an healer right now, though that’s more in 3v3 than 2v2. Not sure if you are interested in this playstyle.

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Not so much. Prot loses access to most of their defensive CDs when they have a flag, so they make bad FCs. I believe they were also neutered in output, etc. so they’re not even a good option for a ‘4th healer/DPSZ/base sitter’ anymore.

Absolutely. Great options for boss tanks in things like IoC, and AV, but can also be useful as frontline melee who disrupt, and punch holes in the enemy defense.

Grabbing an Arms Warrior or DH will probably be a decent comp for you. But 2’s is pretty deflated right now, so you’ll have harder games at lower rating than usual and might hit a wall early when trying to farm conquest (not to mention finding anyone who wants to play right now is hard).

Almost definitely better off just queuing Ret RSS to gear.

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This weekend ive had the luxury of playing two rated battlegrounds with a great deal of success.

My pally tank is basicly a lesser healer with great survivability and some stuns/CC.

Its either going to be:

  1. Continue as a pally tank abd just hope I can get into enough rated bgs to gear up.

250 conquest points per win is not a small ammount by any means.

  1. Switch to RET and learn a new class style and progress through 2s and 3s and switch vack to tank when im done