Looking for my Friend

I am looking for a friend of mine and i was wondering if anyone knew of them or know them now.
his name is Corey from Jacksonville Florida who had several characters from Graybuush to Scrappy to Cataclysm. he was this amazing guy that would recite poems and encourage all of us to play our best. I don’t want to reveal to much because sometimes i think he doesnt want to be found but I miss him and our crew misses him. he is one hell of a guy.
Honestly he doesn’t have to even contact me back but it sure would be nice if he stepped out of the blue one day and asked me if i’ve had my butthole plunged lately. He was the crude older brother that taught us everything about life but most of all not to get frustrated in PvP.
If you’re out there bruh just remember that i still remember that you used to recite poetry and always had our backs even when we didn’t have yours.
I am sorry for not being able to say the right thing in the right situation but i have definitely learned a lot from you man. our almost 10 years of friendship meant more to me than i think you know.
Peace, Love and respect my dude,