Looking for Karmadillo

A long time ago, on a server far far away, there lived a troll, named Karmadillo. He was a priest of the highest order, a discipline priest, that devoted years of his life to defending himself and his allies from the scourge of the Alliance. He was born in the beginning, and lived through the age of Fire and of Ice.

He was good, years later, many would describe him as one of the best, nay, THE best disc priest there ever was. Sadly, though his tales were epic and astounding, the world he knew was far too small, to make his exploits known to the world. I will regale you now with a simple one, in an attempt to reach his ears, and bring him back to us.

There were only 10 of us that dared to ventured near. The floating fortress high above the frozen tundra, beckoned those only whose strength of arms was rivaled only by strength of will. Though four paths lay before us, there was only one set in our mind. We knew not whether we would return, but we all knew one thing…we had Karma.

The Construct Quarter was not for the weak of spirit or mind. The hulking masses crossing our path were simply harbingers of the horror to come. We sliced through them, as we pressed onward to our true purpose. Our weapons and resolve failing us as we round the final corner and see him.


The lumbering mammoth froze us in our tracks. He was unlike anything we had ever seen. The massive gargantuan body stumbled along, as if patrolling an imaginary border his master had set for him. Unwavering and unyielding, unnerving us in our desire to continue. We stood for a moment, staring in disbelief as we contemplate the next move. We knew why we were here, we knew the risks we all took, we all knew the confrontation that was to follow, and we knew we had Karma.

Our warrior took the first shot and in immediate response, received the first from him as well. He struggled to regain his footing and position the beast unto terrain to our advantage.

We awaited the command.


Each breath seemed as an eternity.


Any second…


We let loose in a hail of fury. Fur flew, bows twanged , spells exploded, and blades rang true as they were loosed from their sheaths. The screams of fear mixing with the war cries of the Horde and the roar of the creature. We were prepared for this, we had our strategy and we set to it, but none of us were as prepared as the troll priest. Karma, was ready! As our warrior traded blows with the beast, most of us focused on downing the abomination. Our priest was there, our paladin as well. They formed a duo unlike anything the world had ever seen. They kept their cool, as the fight was just beginning, but things quickly turned. Our paladin was brave…too brave. She hated the monster, more than most, and needed to see him vanquished, and she wanted a from row seat. Our warrior was perfect, ducking, dodging, diving all around the room, minimizing the damage he took, as well as the damage that could possibly boil over unto the rest of us, but our paladin miscalculated.

The behemoth was fast, too fast. He was strong, too strong, and our pally never saw it coming. One hit, and she was down. No one there could save her, no one was there to concoct the dark magic needed to bring her back to our aid…but we had Karma!

Now the sole survival of our tribulation was set upon his wiry, green shoulders. Nine more lives, hung in the balance. Nine friends, nine comrades looking to him to ensure our victory. We had too far to go, we lost our paladin too early. There wasn’t enough time. But Karma knew, no longer supported by his partner that had been with him for so long, no longer working in tandem, but alone. Alone in his quest to not lose another member of our family, alone in his resolve to destroy the detestable plague that stole his companion long before her time, alone in his revenge to even the cosmic scales in his favor… alone.

He never faltered, he thunder commands at us so loudly and compellingly that we no longer feared death…we had Karma!

The next five minutes felt infinite. I can’t recall what happened next in detail, most of us remember seeing our paladin fall, and things are a blur. There were no more questions or confusion or mistakes. We followed Karma around the room, as if we floated and danced on the wind. Our warrior was still getting hit, but they seemed to be lessened, as if a droplet of air surrounded him and the hits glanced off. Karma was there. Instinctively knowing the devils next move and expertly alleviating the incoming damage. He grew weaker, the beast was moving slower, his swings were easier to dodge. He was sweating, you could see the battle was exhausting him. We were tired, our warrior was depleted and waning, but we had Karma.

We could all see the assault was nearing it’s end, and strained to finish strong. Karma stood tall, prodding us on, leading us to the end we all knew was close. Reinvigorated, we dug deep. Our enemy floundered…he stumbled on the floor…he reeled back and let out an infernal wail…and collapsed.

WE HAD DONE IT!!! In spite of the odds, we prevailed. In spite of the fortitude of our adversary, we had triumphed. In spite of the insatiable appetite for death and destruction…we had won. We had Karma.

TLDR, years ago at the end of TBC WoW, and beginning of WotLK, we had a disc priest named Karmadillo, that was exceptional, and solo healed 10 man Patchwerk, after our pally healer died. He stopped playing in the middle of WotLK before ICC, and haven’t seen him since.

We were Horde on the NA server Black Dragonflight, and he was from Alpina, Michigan. I love to be able to find him, and see what he is up to.

Reply here, or find me in game, still WoW on
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Guild: Twisted Menagerie
Character: Scriphilis- Ret Paladin

PS- no I was not the holy pally that died.