Looking for home!

Hello, I am a returning player who took a hiatus after the 8.1 patch update. I recently returned about a month ago to get the hang of some of the new updates.

What I am looking for is an overnight guild with raiding and mythic plus dungeons as a focus now and going into Shadowlands. I would love to get into Heroic and possibly Mythic raiding in the future as well! My best toon is my Havoc DH at a 423 Item level currently.

What I can offer is the willingness to learn any class that might be needed with a personal desire to main a BM monk in Shadowlands if able. I have experience with DPS DH, Demo Locks, Outlaw Rogues, and Ele Shamans. I have previously raided as a Prot Warrior, Feral druid, Ele/heal Shaman, and Warlock. I am currently free every night due to the pandemic with Sunday-Tuesday nights open when I am able to go back to work.

I can take criticism very well as long as it is constructive in nature as I always strive to be better within my means. I have the willingness to move to any server and faction desired.

I hope this post finds everyone well and that we all have a great day/night!


Crimson Brotherhood is looking for a tank to fill out our raid. We would love to have you stop by and check us out! We are also active in mythic+.


Which tank would you prefer to have?

whatever you have the most fun playing. If you want to play BRM then bring him on over well get you all caught up and hammering down in no time. We have a solid leather stack that can funnel gear atm.

Okay, Monk transferred and boosted. His name is NickFurry if you want to add him!

I would wager our times will work for you.

Awesome! ill snag you in a bit im on the office right now homie