Looking For Guild X2


Me and my Friend are looking for an active aotc/casual Guild. looking for a permit home/guild for the upcoming patch and Future

have been playing World of Warcraft since the burning Crusade but! does it mean I’m amazing at this game LOL

Experience this Xpac

  • Vault of the Incarnates: N 8/8 H 8/8

  • Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible : N 9/9 H 8/9

Things I like to do in the game:

  • Mythic Plus
  • Transmog farming
  • World events
  • WorldQuest
  • and more XD

What we are look for in a guild:

  • looking for environment where people actually hang out in Discord and have a laugh and do content together.

  • A place where people laugh and have fun but get down to business would need to down bosses.

  • A place where people love to joke but know when to stop if someone gets upset

  • LGBTQI 18+ Friendly

  • A guild that cares about their Guild members more than their IO score

Classes & Specs

Me: Holy/Ret or any healer but dragon or shaman Healers And i love SV Hunter
Friend: Tanks/Dps class

Leave your guild recruitment below

we’re staying on our server until you guys can invite us cross Realm to your guild
But Discord/communities can work for now

Hey there,
Just gonna drop our thread here.

Hit me up for more info or to chat.

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Hey We are AoTC guild looking for few more raiders. Let me know if you are still looking. 7/9 in the new raid.

Want to start fresh?

Hi there, Grey Parses is recruiting :slight_smile:

Check out organized Crime

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