Looking for Guild - Tank

Looking for a casual raiding guild for 3 tank characters (Warrior, Pally, DH).

LF responsible, dedicated, and hungry players ready to devour Shadowlands on release. Needs–> 1 Tank, 1 Heals, and a few DPS. Fri & Sat 8:30-11:30 PM. We run Mythic+ on a regular basis. Casuals welcome.

Discord Thugnificent#2056


I am the guild leader and raid leader for Cairdeas. We are a very old, established guild focusing on clearing heroic content on Tues and Thurs from 8-10:30 pm est. If that sounds like something you are interested in then we should talk. I am still looking for a second tank for our team.

More info:


My guild is recruiting, and we describe ourselves as casual raiders. We currently are doing a little of everything while getting our raid schedule in order (looks like it will be Tuesday and Saturday nights right now.)

If you are looking for something that will be bleeding edge and pushing things to the limit right out of the gate, we are probably not the guild for you. If you want to run some 5-mans, have a few laughs, and eventually do some heroic raiding with a bunch of working adults who don’t take things too seriously, feel free to reach out. My Bnet is Cluboris#1167, or you can talk to our guild leader whose Bnet can be found below.

Here is our original recruitment thread:

Guild & Server: ILLICIT- Proudmoore-US:Alliance:
Raid Times/Days:

<Team Apollo> [CE Team] Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday; 6 pm to 9 pm PST (will go down to a 2-day raid sched as needed)

<Team Hades> [Casual Mythic progression] Tues/Thurs 6-9PM PST

<Team Venom> [AOTC Only] Thur/Sunday 6-8:30PM PST

Current Progression:
<Team Apollo> Went 9/12M with our last wipe on Ily at 3% (I wiped the raid :frowning:) - we were forced to relieve our RL of their duties due to performance and decieded to go on a earlier hiatus (4 months ago), then drag through re-progression

<Team Hades> went 9/12 M at the end of their season.

<Team Venom> Achieved AOTC, and was able to go back and clear Mythic BODA and get all the raiders from all the teams that wanted too participate their Mythic Jaina Mounts.

Recruitment Contacts: (BTag) QuickESQ#1651, (Discord) Quick0321#0594 ; (BTag) RyRy#11575 (Discord) Ryme#1962 ; (BTag) Mook#11893, *(Discord) *Mookaladouche#6580

Requirements: For DPS: Please have logs that display your ability to play your class at a CE level. For Healers: we require that Healers have either a DPS offspec or a DPS character that can pull approriate numbers if we need to reduce healer number per fight. We expect maturity, respect, and common sense approach to raid, raid comp, attendance.


<Team Apollo>

  • All capable DPS
  • 1 Healer (Prefer H.Pal) - No Priest
  • HIGHLY interested in hybrid/switch hitter players to help group comp.

<Team Hades>

  • Qualified DPS

<Team Venom>
Looking for Tanks, and a Raid Leader to take over.

Please reach out to us if you are at all interested, I was particularly looking at you if you would be interested in Tanking on Team Venom.