Looking for guild - Spirestone (H)

I am a older (51) returning player to WOW after playing off and on for many years. Loving it more than ever. I have so much to catch up on and learn. I have a level 120 HORDE Druid level 445 that i am looking to join a Active / Social guild. I am active and play daily. I would like guild that is laid back, but also wants to push a bit to get better and do more content. Push PVE , Dungeons and raids.

I also enjoy a bit of farming and gold grinding.

If you have a guild that may be in need of a player like me, let me know. The solo gaming is fun…but I think I am missing out on so so much more

I may also consider moving servers if needed for the best guild


Hey Derzak!,

Crimson Brotherhood is looking to add some quality players to our roster headed into Shadowlands. We’re looking to add Ranged, Heals, and a Tank. We’re also active in Mythic+


which realm are you guys on?? are you all Horde or mixed factions?

We’re on Garona (being merged with Maylygos and Icecrown today) and we all play horde.

active on discord? web page, or FB?
How many active members?
Any dedicated event times or days?

sorry for all the questions…just trying to get a feel

Yes active on discord. We dont have a FB or Website. we usually average around 10 people online after 6 est. and Yes tuesday and saturday are raids at 9est. outside of that we run keys when we have people interested. And all good doesn’t hurt to ask.

Well the Dojo Community would be great for you then Derzak.