Looking for guild and a little help

Hi everyone. I’m a little hesitant to ask, but I’m looking for a decent sized guild who do a little of everything, but don’t mandate anything, including a little RP here and there.

Also, I’m on new server that isn’t connected to any of my older ones. I just hit level 10 and don’t have enough for decent bags. If anyone is willing to donate, I’d appreciate it.

Either respond here or message me in game. My toon’s name is Lili, and I’m on Gnomeregan.

I dont have a guild to speak how ever i can help ya with bags and maybe a friend…

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Hi and thanks! However, I have found a home since posting this and have gotten some bags. I sincerely appreciate the kindness offered, though! We need more people like you.


Glad to hear thou people like me arnt a true wow player

Not sure if you are still looking for a guild but out guild is recruiting people and teaching people how to raid and run mythics :slight_smile: