Looking for friendly RP/Dungeon guilds!

Hello! I was wondering if anyone knew of any friendly RP guilds that also did dungeons/ raids and could teach me how to do them without getting upset at me. Im a seasoned RPer and a very fast learner! <3 Thanks in advance and I hope to be active more here too.

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Hi Nuuva,

You might give the Grim a look. Our forum recruiting post can be found here: [H-RP/PVE/PVP] <The Grim>

We raid on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 5:30-8:30pm server time (8:30-11:30 eastern) and do mythic dungeons primarily on Monday nights, though we sometime run them other nights as the need arises.

Our raiding environment is friendly and we have a few people who’ll work with you to help you gear up if you aren’t quite there yet (and your interest is sincere). We’ve gotten AotC (Ahead of the Curve) for most of the raiding tiers going back quite a few years. Many of our members come from hard-core raiding guilds but now prefer a more casual approach where we don’t kill ourselves for a month or two and then disappear until the next tier, instead running normal until clear and then switching to heroic as everyone gets used to the mechanics, get better gear, and have some fun along the way.

Feel free to give Syreenna, Gavril, Riana, or myself a yell in game if you have any questions. We’re suffering a bit from the normal summer lulls, so we’re currently taking non-guild members along to raids right now.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Check out the Horde Guild Directory for a list of guilds on the server.

Firebrand Enterprises is always hiring too, but we don’t really do a whole lot of dungeon content. Basically we do the occasional transmog/achievement run and some mythic content a couple of hours once a week. Sometimes a couple of Timewalking dungeons when they’re up. I can’t honestly recommend us for someone seriously looking to progress in endgame content unless you don’t mind using us as a stepping stone.

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Hey Tamanii!

My sub was expired for a bit so it took me a while to let ya know, but we have a new Guild Directory thread that I’ve been updating as often as I can!

Thank you so much for sharing it to help new people on the server!

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