Looking for “beginner friendly” guild

Pretty new to the game (about 5-6 months of playing) and looking for a guild to join that doesn’t mind a noob that’s looking to tag along and learn to eventually raid/do dungeons and just have fun in general. Currently 120 mage on azgalor

Hi Lildude,
I’d be happy to offer you an invite to Animosity! We are a long time Azgalor based guild that focuses on player fun and character development. We are a low-moderate intensity guild that has 2-3 guild sponsored events every week. Currently, we are running focused Mythic+ dungeon groups on Wednesday evenings, and have our raid night (Normal mode) on Saturday evenings.

We are hoping to build our raid team up to Heroic progression for the Azshara raid!

If you are interested, please send me an in game message at Piratejimm-Azgalor, or you can add my battletag Piratejimm#1130

I hope you find a place in the community that encourages the content you are looking for!

-Piratejimm, Guild Leader of Animosity

Vex is always open to players of any level. Here is a link with more information.

Nice! I will get in contact when I get home today.