Looking for a guild

The wife and I have been away for awhile and came back to play DF. I currently run with a bear drood and wife is a hunter. We’re playing A right now but have toons on the other side as well. We’re looking for a decent guild that’s fairly active and has players that are currently working on dungeons/crafting. We don’t do much raiding as both of us hold down long hour jobs and have 4 kids. If anyone has suggestions on a place for us to apply, I’d appreciate any advice. The guild finder is so barebones that it’s almost impossible to judge if we’d be a decent fit. We’ve been playing since release so although we’ve been around the block, we’re no longer hardcore raiders, etc… I know people also look for those with similar backgrounds, so I’m a vet working for the USPS and wife works as a parapro in the school system. My main is Larassa and wife’s is Manashu. Thanks for taking a look.

INTèNSè on Zul’jin is a laid back chilled environment. We are looking to Raid and do Mythic Keys as well. We are looking to Raid on these days and Times: Tuesday and Wednesday 945pm est until midnight.
If you are interested in joining or have any questions you can get back to us either via discord or btag.

Discord Code: YKR6cdG43H
Btag: Dreamer#12434 or Jabnhook#1551

Our guild is looking to teach people how to raid and do M+. If you are still looking for a guild