Looking for a guild to push content with


I am an seasoned WOW player who returned at the start of BfA. I used to do mythic progression and was most recently 5/8 M Uldir before the BoD content dropped. I have since swapped servers/race to play with more of my old friends. I am a very social and active player, who mains a Warrior on alliance. I am historically a DPS , but am beginning to break into tanking on the Mythic+ side of things as well.

Basically I am just looking for a group who has their shi–stuff together and is willing to push content. I don’t need it to be super serious, but structure and progression very important to creating an enjoyable raiding experience.

I would be happy to trial, run keys or whatever you like. I am confident in my abilities. Ilvl is lacking right now, but parses for my bracket are quite good, still hitting blue-purple parses as is.

Please reach out on discord:


Hey there!

I was previously with a guild on Greymane-Tanaris before I transferred over to Critical on Stormrage. Best decision I ever made guild-wise. I was stuck on conclave with a subpar guild and they scooped me up and got me AOTC within the trial period. We’re looking to push mythic BoD, currently 1/9 M. If you’re willing to transfer, it’s definitely worth it. I’ll link the typical spam recruitment post below.

I tried adding you on discord, but it couldn’t find you for some reason, just in case you were having trouble getting in contact with potential recruiters.

If you want to get in contact, my btag is surjective#11563 and the GM’s btag is AwesomeGuy#1616, whichever you prefer to contact.

Anyway, hope you give us a look, and good luck! :smiley:

Let me know if U’re still searching for guild?