Looking for a guild to grow with

Currently leveling a new human prot warrior and I wanna join a guild that I can be part of that I can eventually raid with. I’m not a total casual as I do have a 70 warrior who’s been through DF and I do feel like heroic dungeons are a joke even with randoms. The guild finder is pretty useless, so I turn to this place. Hopefully I can find an active guild that I can either chill or do cool stuff with once I’m adequately leveled!


I’d love to chat with you and offer you a warm spot in our guild home! I believe that you applied to our guild already but we were not able to connect with you to get you guilded.

We are a large, friendly, and diverse group of folks that value diversity, kindness, & camaraderie. We offer a large & active discord, raiding (currently 3 teams), M+, casuals, repairs, friendship, legacy, social events & more! We strive to maintain a relaxed environment free from stressors of real life such as toxicity and discrimination. Members earn promotion by grouping, donating, interacting & generally being helpful =)

Add me on Discord: Veravox or Battlenet: nestlie18#1700
Hope to hear from you soon! Happy Gaming!

Plenty of growth when you start new.