Looking for a chill, friendly guild

Hey Sargeras folks!

Returning player here, maining a Balance Druid, and I’m on the hunt for a laid-back guild.

A bit about me: I’m 29, part of the LGBT community, and just looking for a guild where I can be myself, make some great friends, and enjoy WoW at a leisurely pace. I’m not in the market for hardcore raid schedules or intense progression; I’m more about those chill vibes, good conversations, and memorable guild runs.

What I’m looking for in a guild:

  • A casual and friendly atmosphere where I can relax and enjoy the game.
  • A community that’s welcoming and respects each player as an individual.
  • A group that values communication and teamwork, both in and out of raids or dungeons.
  • An environment where I can jump into voice chat, share a laugh, and feel part of the guild’s adventures.

If your guild is looking for a Druid who’s all about balance (in-game and life), and if you’re open to making a new friend, then I’d love to hear from you! :star2:

You can reply here, whisper me in-game (Xaifah) or hit me up on discord (@kevinese).

Thanks for reading!

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