Looking at botter ATM!

It’s 3:15 am and there’s two moonkins in The Slough on Senjin spamming diemetradons with the same spell. They don’t move from their position. They spam kill, mount, spam kill mount. Ive been watching for 10 mins now and they will randomly mount and dismount when no mobs are spawning. Right now they are standing still on the Traveler’s tundra mount. Can i link an ingame video of this and get them perma-banned? will this get me in trouble tos?

Or was the Report in game i made to both of them sufficient enough?

right click and report is the only thing you need to do reports arent realy excepted over the forums tho not that you mention that i saw the same thing in drustvar earlier today didnt think anything other then a player being a jerk.

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Right click and report. There will not be an immediate action as it takes time to break the bots before anything else can occur. Not to mention that all they need is the information gathered due to the report, outside images or anything of the like are unnecessary.

Also, while there may be suspicions, only the folks behind the scenes at Blizzard can really say either way. Just right click and report and move on. It will be dealt with if there is questionable behavior truly going on.


It would actually, yes. Public callouts aren’t allowed. Same goes for the screenshots from the other person.

Leilleath got it right. Blizzard’s process is quite extensive due to try to have as big an impact as possible. They want to stop the exploitative software from working on their servers, and to take out huge amounts at once, while also making sure innocent people don’t get caught up in it.

And it is also best to try to not get too… committed, to the idea that a certain character is a bot when you lack any hard evidence (only the ones who own and operate the servers can see that). This isn’t due to “you’re wrong, shut up”, it’s because being committed to an idea like that can lead to frustration that might be wholly unfounded if the character is never removed from the game due to not actually being a bot. You’ll save yourself some grief, basically, if you try to remember your fallibility, especially with a lack of true evidence.


Even if they ARE a bot, don’t expect them to be “removed” any time soon. Botting investigations take months.

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So? Players farming a certain item do the same thing. There are loads of Youtubes made by legit gold-farmers about how to do it. A number of streamers make groups and compete against each other farming items like that. It doesn’t mean you are wrong about it being a bot. Your right-click report of your suspicions is the right step to take.

You don’t need to stay and monitor them.

Odd. The mammoth is a cheaper mount to buy.

It was. A video doesn’t “prove” botting. It can show what it looks like in-game, but not actually prove that it’s a bot. When you right-click report a ticket is created that includes the account information, the character and realm, and all the relevant log files. It is way more information than can be gleaned by a video. If you are interested in showing what you observed email at hacks@blizzard.com to show the team working on fixing exploits what you see from a player’s eye view.

Report them and move on. Blizzard doesn’t need you to sit and watch them.

They just recently banned over 70,000 botting accounts. They don’t give warning about when a ban-wave is going to happen. Until the recent one, they don’t normally announce after the fact either.

Posting links to screenshots on the forum is a waste of time. Screenshots prove nothing. If they contain character names it is considered harassment and your account could lose posting privileges. Blizzard does not take any bot reports from the forums.

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Just wanted to swing by and thank you for reporting Oroku. As others have mentioned, it can take time for bots to be investigated. We try not to pick them off 1 at a time because it gives bot developers a clue that their software has been caught. It usually happens in waves :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone who shared resources here as well.