Look like blizz allowed bully and harassing

im going find a way to shame them no matter what they got no right to report us about hacking account sharing and mutiboxing

They can report (or claim to report) all they want. If no rules are being broken, then Blizz won’t even tell you that you were reported.

Stooping to their level is an ugly look though. Best to take the high road.


Ah? So your idea is to bully and harass back? Kudos to you for stooping to their level. Again, put them on ignore and stop reacting to them.


well i cant play they got me banned for 14 day most of my guild have 3 weeks banned

If that is the case then you likely broke the rules with language or another reason. Just because they are saying things does not mean that you are immune to retaliate. Blizzard does not just blindly sanction people. They could report you day in and day out and nothing would happen if you weren’t breaking the rules.


You should have received an email stating what you got actioned for.


Violation: Disruptive Gameplay

Players can report anything they’d like, that doesn’t mean that they can get your accoount actioned.

If they reported you for something and the GMs looked at it and saw you were breaking the rules, then it was your own actions that lead to the suspension. They simply reported you.

Again, them reporting you wouldn’t matter if you are not breaking any rules.

You and your guildmates are also able to appeal and account action via the ticket system.


i post guild ad and got banned

Were you posting it often? It sounds like you were reported for spam and the GMs agreed. Not 100% sure if that falls under Disruptive Gameplay though.

I’m not sure what that has to do with account sharing and botting though?

A guild ad is not going to get you suspended for 2 weeks unless it included inappropriate material in it.

Even then, it would generally be for “Inappropriate language”.


If you were posting in LFG that also could have gotten you sanctioned. There are channels that you cannot advertise in, even if it is a guild ad.


i post guild ad every 10 min no nasty or rude words they just hate us

Also know that it could have been something from weeks ago, very rarely is it something you were recently doing at the time of sanctions kicking in. No matter if they hate you or not, if you were not breaking the rules, nothing would have happened to you or your guild mates.


Winter is coming - Winter is a leveling guild that has exploded with new members since it was made two months ago, we are transitioning into a fully fledged raiding Guild moving into WotlK. All friendly and enthusiastic players are welcome that the post i been doing getting banned for it so damn wrong server just to toxic

Well, you don’t get an account action from someone else not liking you.

It sounds like you and your guild should probably take some time to have a read over this post from on of the Support Forum Agents:

It outlines exactly how ongoing harassment gets handled.

Based on your replies here, my guess is that your guild and these other groups are going back and forth and that the harassment is likely two-way. This will not end well for either side.

Put them on ignore. If they attempt to bypass ignore, open a ticket and report them for ongoing harassment. DO NOT reply to them at all. Nothing. Not even “Reported!”. Do not reply to them in any way. Everyone they’re harassing needs to do the same.

That’s how you get passed this.

I guarantee you were not suspended for that.


well no one like the truth

This isn’t about something being true or not. It’s about how to handle the situation. This forum is primarily for players like myself to help other players. It’s not a court of law or a one-on-one with Blizz.


Roettsz, I can see EVERYTHING, do you really want the unvarnished truth of your suspension? I really don’t think you do.

This was NOT a case of anyone mass reporting YOU - although that is indeed very bad under our rules.

As others have mentioned - liberal use of the /ignore function and reporting if appropriate for inappropriate things is the way to go.

This forum is also not the appropriate venue to make appeals.