Long hair for female blood elf

I don’t know why the female blood elves can’t have the same long hairstyle that the female void elves have…can we get those…thanks!


Give Pandaren some Fabio wigs


They do have some nice hairstyles, but I understand them wanting some differences. I really like the one my Void Elf uses (Melancholy).

How long is long,and why do you need it when you’re battling ? Would it tingle you up or cause a trip? Or are you going to blunt someone with a iron hair deco?

Remind me of winnowill from elfquest.

I say just share hairstyles across all races and genders. Like, an Orc who spends a lot of time around Trolls might end up taking an interest to their hairstyles, and thus would like to get one for themselves.

Shoot, some races already do this. The hairstyle I’m using on this very character, for example, was copied over from female Gnomes.


Half of the Vulpera faces (1, 2 and 4) can’t even blink. :sob:

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I don’t know if I necessarily agree with Void/Blood elves sharing even more customization options, but I would love to see some longer hairstyles on Blood Elves. Humans, Night Elves, Dracthyr, even male Blood Elves have longer hair than we do.


you can if u give us your frosty pastel blue dye and and your other hairdos aswell and then ill share all my void elf hair dos with you


We need longer hair in general. We have so many medium/bob cuts with very little long ones. BE men probably have the longest ponytail option in the game.

Big ponytail hair is a basic fantasy that I’m surprised doesn’t exist more in the game. Clipping be damned.


i mean literally at this point they might aswell gnomes goblins and blood elfs share pigtails , night borne and night elfs share pigtails yet no pigtails for void elfs? goblins and belfs also share the bun hair do too . like literally its already there for most races just make them all avail for everybody and all the colors . Theres no reason not to .


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Tauren too please.


Makes me think of Moolissa!


Tbh I thought that was the entire point of body type A and B. What’s the point of renaming male and female if male and female continue to have male and female exclusive hairstyles. Hairstyles should not be exclusive


a thread that was talked about a lot in WoW, instead of giving an inclusive ONLY HUMANS CUSTOMIZATION, I should have also thought about better customizations for the other races.

The long hair for both genders is really very short, and would need a touch longer something near the waist and not around the neck or shoulder blade.

It is even more lacking in customization for the elven races and other non-human races of Azeroth.

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I love the void elf long hair and how wavy it is. But with the blood elves, their hair is either straight and sort of uneven looking or just flat looking.

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The furry animals/troll races pretty much a lot of things on the horde side are lacking. I feel like with my character I don’t have a lot of freedom to dress up, I’d love to have more hair colors or just long wavy hair for my troll, even curly hair too.


Get your own hairstyles.

The two races need to be more different, not less.


No, I know. I am just saying the blood elves could use some longer hair/curly or something.

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Longer hairstyles in general and hairstyles that flow in the wind or when casting spell animations. It would also be cool if blizz updated hair rendering. It would look great on armor and on characters. The hair we have now is still very 2004 rendering…


The blood elves hair needs a change. Some of them still look pretty old. Some of the blood elf hair reminds me of shi*** hair extensions that are old and ratty looking