Login Servers Down?

Any updated news on how long this might be?

The DDOS targeting Classic is affecting Retail. :frowning:

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Is there an attack happening?

The forums are suspiciously quiet if this is true.


Who said there’s a DDOS going on?

I see a few posts in Tech on Classic having login issues. But i don’t see anything from Bliz about a DDOS.

Servers do have issue ya know.


Yeah, I was kind of surprised that there’s no one talking about it. Then again, maybe the WHOLE community figured that given it attention is the best idea, and to let Blizzard handle it.

I will try again after this post, but I’m almost positive that it’s still down.

There’s less than a 1% chance of this occurring. If there’s any interruption to the servers, there’s never less than 50 people on the forums letting us know.


Open your Bnet Launcher, there’s a literal " BREAKING NEWS " post, about a DDOS attack. Lol

Blizzard literally said it.

Then Blizzard is aware of the issue and working to mitigate it. It takes time. You don’t just push a button.

Matter of fact, every answer to your question is in that breaking news.


That’s why I came here, to ask in the CS forum, if there was any updated information. :neutral_face:

Customer support is not the one in charge a posting updates. That’s up to the server technicians and the developers. they’re aware of it and they’re working on it. If you read the breaking news blizzard is not the one being attacked, certain cable providers are


It is on the launcher folks, they are very aware.


I don’t fully believe that, because if the entire network was being attacked. Why do I still have a connection, but the only thing not working is Battlenet / Blizzard / WoW. :neutral_face:

Oh well, I guess all I can do is wait. No more commenting from me. Take care. You can lock this.

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Oh dear gods here we go.

yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s a huge conspiracy and Blizzard is lying to you and purposely keeping you in the dark to hide their ineptitude.

Believe what you want. And multinational multi billion dollar corporation doesn’t need to lie you.

Have a peachy day. :peach:


Not the entire network. Just ISPs that have control over certain backbones within the network your computer takes to get to Blizzard’s servers. Those backbones are what’s being targeted.

It’s extremely unlikely that you have multiple programs that are affected by any given DDOS.


i seen that it said that the DDOS was on classic and now its hitting retail then why in the hell do they not post it that its affecting both classic and retail

They were waiting on you to come here and complain.

Or maybe they’re busy working in the issue?


I don’t understand why the ISPs in the middle don’t have an easy way to discard the packets to Blizzard IPs that don’t match appropriate traffic. It is not that difficult to have signatures for what is valid traffic patterns and to reject traffic that isn’t appropriate. If this was the first time I could understand but after multiple times this should be automatically and quickly resolved.

You’d have to ask the ISP’s that. Maybe it’s not quite that simple. Either way, Blizzard is working on the issue, and speculating on their tech capabilities just derails the thread.


Think of the internet as a fragile road network, except there are detour signs all over the place.

DDoS need not be directed at the restaurant you want to visit. It can be directed at a nearby intersection. It can be directed at the only bridge into town.

I’d recommend doing something else for a while, if you’re affected by a DDoS.


If you think you can do better, then by all means apply at Blizzzard.

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Or the ISP.