Log in during prime hours, get declined from keys for 10 minutes, then log off

What’s there to argue?

The morons nerfed the loot drop rate, forgot that they did and it still hurts the game to this day.

So we’re going to ignore the changes since then? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What changes?

I don’t see anyone posting on the forums about loot being good again.

No kidding, people are so obsessed with the meta.

I don’t disagree, I think it’s trash as well, but some people are going to see what you said and hit you with the ol’

“In BFA there was TFing and Corruptions and such and more gear had to drop because of all the variance. You’re getting the appropriate amount of gear you should be with the removal of those systems”

reasoning :slight_smile:

And as of this patch, not timing it means you still get two pieces.

Slow progress, but it is loot improvement. They didn’t nerf anything recently. They upped loot recently.


In one out of the many activities across Warcraft.

Something of a band aid fix.

The problem is, it’s less than what it was before.

If 10 items dropped before (example) and they nerfed it on launch to 5 items then raise it to 7 it’s still nerfed :man_shrugging:


I specifically linked the blue post about raids…

One. Out of many.


Yes, I know. It’s why I said “slow progress.” But it’s still a step in some direction.

They’ll never make loot rain from the sky again.

Then buckle your seat belts boys and girls loot drop rates have joined the ranks of Mage Tower and CM appearances :rofl:

How about two out of what exactly? PvP has its own gearing system. They buffed raids and M+ slightly. What other progression content could they possibly buff? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Everything else that they touched back in September of 2020.

Well my highest timed one was a timed +8 NW but even then I struggle to get in any groups above +5 :man_shrugging:

What “everything else?” What other progression content is there?

WQs, PvP, Mythic Keystones, Dungeons quests, general loot drops.

I don’t know how far they went but that is the root of the damage.

10 whole minutes! wow, the game really is in decline


PvP already has its own gearing system, M+ they just buffed slightly, and nothing else you claim is progression content.

World Quests have at least 3-4 pieces a day that show up for casuals to fill in spots the Covenant gear doesn’t cover.

Dungeon quests? Really? They give anima. That’s better than a piece of gear. Who uses dungeon quests as progression content? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And I don’t know what “general loot drops” even means.

It sounds to me like you’re just grasping at straws here to complain.

I get that the loot buff to M+ isn’t spectacular, but it’s still a start.


Because disc priest isnt meant to be played with LFG… disc priest is the best healer when you have a team in comms.