Lockout selling

Is it legal to sell lockouts for gold? If so, please advise of guidelines that would violate your policies. From what I have heard, as long as it doesnt involve RWMT, or botting, it is legal.

I dont think it breaks any rules its a jerk move but dont think it breaks any rules.

the action was referred to as a “jerk move”.

there was no indication in your post that you were the one wanting to do this, so there was nothing personal about the response…


That’s good, because no one called you a jerk.


This is a player run support forum. Not a direct contact point to Blizzard, if you want that, you’ll have to submit a ticket.

Blizzard is not gonna confirm or deny selling lockouts. It’s unsupported and do so at your own risk.


yes it is. You might wanna give this a read.

Note this line: Players are encouraged to ask questions, share advice, provide feedback and participate in on-going discussions on the Customer Support forum.

If you bothered to do a forum search, you would find out Blizzard has said many times those type of transactions are unsupported and done at your own risk.



Nobody insulted you though… It was a simple statement with absolutely nothing personal in it. Selling a lockout that others have participated in - especially if they’re not going to get any of the gold will most certainly be seen as a jerk move by others. Nobody in this forum pointed the finger at you, or accused you. You were simply asking a question, and it was responded to.

Calm down maybe?

It certainly is a player help player forum. Many of us have been here for a loonnggg time as regulars.

This is not customer service between a player and the company - which I think you’re confusing between support and service.


guidance through personal and fun interactions with Blizzard representatives.

Did you even read what you posted?

All you will get it “it’s unsupported”, same as selling carried runs for gold for example.


Please. We know what this forum is - many of us have been posting in this and the previous version for over 10 years…


No, it means if something goes wrong, Blizzard will not act as a debt collector. Ie, if I pay someone for a run, and it fails. I wont get gold back.


Unsupported. WILL YOU BE BANNED FOR EXCHANGING FOR GOLD. That is what blues will tell me.

No worries, you are gonna get a blue response, but it’s likely not what you are wanting to hear. You might wanna reign in the attitude though.

I see Vrakthris is typing away and on the case.


I’m sure you’ll argue with Blizzard whatever they say regardless it seems. What would forum regulars know eh? Good luck.


You may misunderstand, Bangboompows. These forums, all of these forums, save for the Service Status forum, are here for players to discuss the game and various aspects of it with one another. That discussion is based on the subject of the forum, so in this case it is discussion about support related issues.

Now there are some forums, like this one and our Technical Support forum that have Support Forum Agents like myself that monitor it and try to provide what advice and guidance we can but at the end of the day, this is not, not has it ever been intended to serve as a direct contact point for support.

No, a jerk move is something that a jerk may do, something generally considered mean. That is not specifically calling you a jerk, try as you might.

The others are trying to provide you with your answer, Bangboom, if you’d get out of your own way long enough to allow them to explain anything you may not understand without being combative.

Unsupported specifically means that the activity is not against policy but neither do we specifically support the activity. Meaning if you trade gold with someone for an in-game service of some kind, like a dungeon run, etc… and something goes wrong… one of the party members does no fulfill their obligation, we would not be able to step in to enforce the agreement or recover the gold, though we will investigate and penalize any violations of our scam policy.

Outside of what the others have said, no we really wouldn’t.

I hope you have received answers that provide useful.


Thank you for this information vrakthris, you have confirmed what i was hoping. I hope you have a pleasant evening. Those were stating they dont think it was a violation of your code. I simply wished for confirmation that I would not be banned for offering services to others in this particular case.

The tennis match is over, please stop batting the ball back and forth…