Live Q&A VoD with Ion Hazzikostas

This week, we sat down with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas to answer your questions on the latest content update— Tides of Vengeance part 2.

The VoD is available if you missed it and let us know how you think it went.


Vendors > RNG.


Hey thanks for posting this. I hope it clears up some of those crazy assumptions and claims flying around.


Karma social credit system coming @ 35:38

Brb, away to buy another lottery ticket :slight_smile:


Don’t get your hopes up that much.

For the record, Bornakk… I am planning to watch it again and throw some notes here at some point so you guys have something about how I think it went instead of just silliness.

I suggest others maybe do the same if they’re so inclined. Not maybe feedback about the topics themselves, but the Q&A itself or the process as a whole (since you guys opened the door) and be specific and logical.


Don’t worry, I won’t, but definitely more of a chance with that than anything else lol

Ion had a really good explanation as to why they use Titanforging instead of Valor upgrades.

I think his explanation was assuming you can upgrade a piece of gear to the maximum item level, and possibly that Item Upgrades and Titanforging couldn’t coexist. The issue is the RNG itself, the huge item level jumps are easily fixed.

I feel like item level boosts mid-expansion pose a problem only because they don’t limit Titanforging. If they were to move to a Thunderforge model (max: +10 or +15; +5 per step), and Titanforging and Item Upgrades shared the same spot, you’d get the best of both worlds.

(gear might have a +10 roll, which means you would only need 1 item level upgrade of +5 to max it out at +15.) These items don’t even need to come from Valor specifically, they can be found in Weekly quest rewards, bonus roll drops, etc. The point is player-driven progression, not solely based on RNG.


For me it went bad. Ion’s rationale for no gear vendors was not believable.

And coming from a Shaman player, yes, when I hear that major changes for my class are incoming, and then only numbers tweaks happen, I do feel like there was some dishonesty.

In short, my takeaway from this Q&A is that you can’t trust Ion to tell the truth. And if devs can’t tell the truth in a Q&A, it’s better not to have a Q&A at all.


I have had little hope in anything blizzard has done since they released WoD. But, this past VoD has kind of given me a bit of hope. Ion actually answered some hard questions this time and kind of talked like he cared and understood the player. First time that has EVER happened!!!

Looking forward to the changes and more feedback and more attention paid to the issues that Beta and PTR’s show.


Why not just make tokens that let us choose what TF/WF. I don’t think that the problem is that TF/WF exists it’s that it’s random and feels unrewarding. RNG isn’t fun and the more y’all depend on it the more people are going to hate WoW.


I think y’all should stop answering the same questions and get a different moderator for it. Someone who can pick a variety of questions instead of answering ones that’s been answered in 3 Q&As; also, keep Ion moving at a decent pace to get lots of questions in.

That said, Ion, you shouldn’t burn so much time on questions that don’t really deserve such long answers. Shorten your answers on some and provide extended answers on controversy ones.

PS: Quit ignoring the Guild Permissions and UI thread and answer it already! 7 months later!!


Had Ion left his explanation for Kul’Tiran Humans and Zandalari Trolls to the “They’re not finished yet” without bringing up the story (As there is, as of 8.0, no solid reason why either wouldn’t be more than happy to work with the Alliance/Horde)…it would have been acceptable. Furthermore, Vendors are dozens of times more “Transparent” than ANY RNG and any statement otherwise suggests either a lack of Understanding about Transparency (in this context) or genuine Malice and a desire to hamstring the players.


The response to the GCD and Class Design was extremely unsatisfying IMO.

Why would you make the change without having the “how is this going to feel good” part figured out? That’s a massive change, it’s sucked a lot. Both the GCD change and redesigning all classes when they lost their artifacts and legendaries.

I appreciate the comment on redesigning Shaman ascendance. What about dps classes that have utility spells that interrupt their rotation? What about the tank abilities that are VERY reactionary yet still on the gcd? Healing cooldowns granting healing when used is an easy answer, what about the other stuff?

What about sweeping strikes for arms warriors? What about recklessness for fury warriors? Both are you sitting there doing nothing for a gcd. This example extends to so much throughout the game. There are still movement abilities on the gcd.



Yeah lets make Horde turn warmode off that will help the balance.

Maybe Horde should turn their subscription off as well.


The alternative is that the Alliance turn off their subscription too. So… problem… solved?1

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Never would have guessed an MVP would be an idiot. /sarcasm

The alternative to having Horde quit is better then having Alliance quit right? Doesn’t effect you so who cares?

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The info on the azerite armor was a bit of fresh air, I for one understood we weren’t getting the whole system removed all together. But hearing how the armor gives all the bonuses off the bat is WAY better than what they have originally done.

But…I need to stress one big point in the Q.

You spent too much time on the KT models, I could tell in 8.1.5 PTR that these models were in the works even after the expansion launched. All the crowd asked for was allied races, and the Void elves/Mag’har orcs were perfect examples of this.

Which makes me think…How the hell did KT models take a WHOLE year if not more to develop?

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