Literally 3/4 players want LFD

And blizzard is silent

If they don’t revert this change it will be the equivalent of them putting spell batching in classic lmao


any source on those numbers ?
besides pulling them out of your behind?


Nope. There is no LFD. Might as well quit, but you won’t lol. So see you when wrath launches, with no LFD.


“Literally ¾ players”
-i made it up


hes a retail character asking for rdf
hmmmm :thinking:


LFD is by far one of the most Anti-Social features WoW has implemented. It’s funny that people promoting it have no clue that it was introduced as Cross Realm dungeon finder to fix the problems related to bad server populations. If people are using “LFD” they should be affixing CRLFD because that is exactly what it was.


28k responses. There. Now provide me with your source that states the opposite please :slight_smile:

So is PvP queue. And here we are with Cross faction PvP and even Merc mode.
So why is it okay for PvP and not okay for silly dungeons?

And how does me saying “inv” is anything social? Or me spending 10+minutes in travel time to and from dungeons any social?


if we extrapolate with the total number of logs and…
3/4 is still a made up stadistic


I disagreed with Cross Faction PvP. I disagreed with Battlegroups. I disagreed with Merc Mode.


Explain the completely toxic anti-social TBCC without dungeon finder. Of course you can’t because what you claim is nonsense.

By the way, a lead Vanilla dev wanted dungeon finder in at the game’s launch. So again these ignorant claims of ‘dungeon finder was added because of x,y, or z’ are all nonsense as well. Go read Rob Pardo’s interview from 2009 if you want to deal in actual truth and facts.


I’m not the OP. So I won’t speak on his behalf. I’m just pointing out that there is a massive poll out there that demonstrates that the majority wants the feature to be included. Simple as that.

edit: There is also another thread somewhere with like 300+ responses that’s like a Poll thread. 1 for LFD and 2 for no-LFD. Granted, forums are even smaller sample, but none the less, ~90% of replies were in support of LFD

And yet we have it.


Again there has been enough discussion. We went one route in 2009, we have a chance to go another. That’s it. Either play the game or don’t. Both sides won’t agree. Majority will play WoTLK classic. I don’t give a single F about unguilded people that can’t find groups because they post “DPS LFG”, they can play another Blizzard offering.

28k of an aprox pop of around 200k pop of tbcc NA/EU is still not majority


I have polled my entire group of friends and family

  1. No LFD
  2. Yes LFD or “Not sure either way”

And 95% chose option #2


What was Toxic/Anti-Social about TBC dungeons?

What he wanted ended up creating what we have today in retail. Instant gratification queues where people don’t even mutter a word unless it’s to insult someone.

All of which were bad from the get go. They were necessary in some aspects due to the tumultuous population increases throughout WoW’s lifetime and lack of faction balancing on Blizzard’s part. But this should’ve been resolved rather than maintained as the status quo.

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Dude. The majority of the people who answered. SMH.
Show me another statistic that would disprove it. 29k represent a sample of the entirety. THis is how polls and studies work. It is impossible to collect full census from every single individual.

This poll is non-biased and captures every form of player. Hard core players, gold buyers, moms & Dads, children, casuals, guild members & guildless people.

There is your statistics and answer to your original question. If you have NOTHING to show me otherwise, then you should accept the fact that more people want it despite YOUR personal belief.


poor lost souls
might aswell post
hungry looking for food

So basically you’re saying that you want dead servers with dead content for everyone.


i asked 2 people and they both said no RDF
so it factually shows 100% is against it

we can go mental gymnastics and dumb mode all day on this topic but we all know
any poll or sadistic is useless unless blizzard themselves do it

only ¾ players?
I thought 99% of the players wants LFD, aren’t all of us will use it once it gets implemented? xD “when still making personal groups & moving to the dungeon is an option”

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