List of allied races you want, like a top ten

didn’t see a post like this anywhere when I searched hope im not repeating somone, but its simple just make a list of the race you, would most like to play as, that you cant already. with the most favorite at the top and least favorite at the bottom.

for me

Amani trolls
Krokul (broken Draenei)
High Elves
Wildhammer Dwarves

somewhat of a horde bias but yeah can be more can be less. really want krokul and Amani though, I mean have you seen the Amani models in Zuldazar ‘shudders’


Ogres, All Trolls, All Dwarves, Mechagnomes,



I’d rather them make them all customization options, add more customization options, and go back to making actual races rather than making us grind old content for customization options.

EDIT: Before the “you’re probably just too lazy” comments, I have every single Allied Race unlocked, and had them all unlocked right at the beginning of when they were available.

I think the philosophy behind unlocking them is terrible, though.


I don’t really have ten wishes. A favorite one I’d like is ethereals. I don’t know what lore reason could make them playable, but they are pretty cool.


I hope they’re a real race who crash into Azeroth through some sort of void-infused chunk of K’aresh along with Dimensius. That’d be cool.


This would be my entire current list I think.

Except maybe Defias humans for the Horde. :wink:


ATM … I kind of hope they stop doing ARs after BfA (they clearly take up a ton of time and resources; far more than Blizzard thought they would). But … of those, I sort of want JunkerGnomes and Kelpin. Both races are endearing enough on their own, but they also do come with a fairly good foundation for future stories. :smiley:


dude difias humans would be cool but itd never happen, though holy crap could you imagine the westfall warfront lol

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Well Defias are pretty much neutral now after the Rogue campaign. It’d probably be Syndicate humans who’d join the Horde.

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All I need is Vulpera, Sethrak, and Arrakoa! :sparkling_heart::fox_face::sparkling_heart::snake::sparkling_heart::bird::sparkling_heart:


I think they could use them to expand on the Void Elf story as long as they went Alliance. As for me even though I’m not really a fan of them adding Vulpera to the Horde, and the Ankoan/Jinu to the Alliance makes the most sense

Yeah, I can imagine.

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  1. Ankoan
  2. Ethereal

I don’t want anything else…


lol “fudgein” vagabond army FOR THE HORDE

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Ogres, Saurok, Vulpera, and San’layn for the Horde are among my current most wanted and would get me very happy to see playable. :smiley:

Not too sure on what all I want on the Alliance side. Jinyu/Ankoan and Arakkoa are about all I can think of, at the moment.


I’d boost one and get started on Day One. :skull_and_crossbones:

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I wanted to give you a shout out since I can only like this statement once


yeah I kind of agree I just hope they do both wen its appropriate. I really feel like zandalari and kul tirans should’ve just been normal races. the story might have to be a little different but eh

Would like to see Orges finally on the Horde, San’layn if they can be druids :P, Vulpera would be cool as another short race, and I think Saurok would be cool to finally have a reptilian race but those seem too savage so idk how they would fit in?

Alliance I think the Krokul would be cool as they seem to have been just left on a dieing plant? Ankoan over the Jinyu as they seem more in need of our help to survive Nazjatar. Arakkoa would be cool to see but only for some limited classes. Dwarfs get a Wild hammer option so they get access to Druids and lastly to stir the pot High Elves :smile:

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  1. Ethereal

  1. Arakkoa
  2. Naga

But the Arakkoa better be like this

Not like this

That is all…