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384 Holy/Ret Pally LFG
LF 1 Night a Wk Guild (H) - EST Time
3/8M Resto druid or MW monk LF mythic guild
[US][H] Potentially Looking to Build Mythic Guild
Hpally Lf Raiding guild
Versatile Healer LF raiding guild
Previous CE Raider LF CE Guild For Next Tier
385 Lock Looking for Home
2/8M HPriest LF Mythic Raiding Guild
LF Fun Raiding Guild - Agamaggan (currently)
383 4/8M Disc/Shadow LF Friendly Stable guild
[H][US] 5/8M 385 Feral Druid LF Guild (OS Boomy/Resto)
[A] Returning CE Resto Druid LFG
2/8M 375 fury war lf mythic prog guild on illidan
370 Rogue looking for guild
[A] 388ilvl holy pally LF CE capable guild