Limit the Types of Addons

I’m sorry but lolwut? Where did you get this information, especially regarding DBM specifically? I mean, recently (I think it was last fall) the creator of DBM was having some personal and financial difficultly and Blizzard actually helped him out so he could continue to do his work. Doesn’t sound like they’re pulling the plug on boss mods to me.

And like I said they’re reviewing the scripting API to eliminate things that might be out of place in classic, I think one of the examples they mentioned was raid markers.

Cut to 41:30 if you are just interested in Addons.

I kinda know where they are going with it, they’re trimming things regarding addons regardless of how we feel about it.

Regarding DBM, I am not certain if they’re going that far but I would not even be slightly surprised by it.

Well I know exactly what he said, but I think you’re extrapolating a lot more out of it than he perhaps intended. Stretching what he said to the modern game is kinda strange and perhaps the product of a lot of wishful thinking on your part. That’s just my opinion, though. Maybe I’m wrong.

There is another interview I saw where he takes it into more detail, I am trying to find that…

He’s actually very critical regarding Auction house addons…

I vaguely remember this, but I thought part of that was actually related to their linked AH and huge slowdowns that were happening. (There was also vague future-y talk of Blizzard devs working on a greatly improved AH interface themselves, because AH addons exist due to how antique and bad the default UI is.)

EDIT: Ah, the one I’m thinking of may have been Ythisens when they upped the fee for posting single items.

Trying my darndest to find it.

I remember it this way as well. He wasn’t critical of AH add-ons in general, or the concept of them.

These things need to be taken in context.


Ok… here is the run down for those that have not done anything but badmouth live for the last few months.

Ion is not against auction house addons. BUT the whole cluster F of the auction system in the game.

They are working on re codding it to make it more efficient and work better.

Some addons where causing some issues with lag due to single item posting instead of stack listing… Which is a crappy thing to do, but the development goal is they are taking a look at the auction backend to see what changes they can make to it to hold up.

You can even find an article somewhere where thy talk about just throwing in the basic AH as it is without a ton of planning.

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The spirit of this conversation overall was that he’s against the automation of the game as it is now. He also expanded on that to say they were considering these kinds of things for modern wow also.

Given how Blizzard does things and their history over the last 3 years it’s kinda obvious where they’re going… They just kill things off that they disagree with.

That’s why I am so pessimistic regarding addons or support. If there are things like DBM in game I would be surprised, and happy for the raiders who need that sort of thing.

Just remember it’s Blizzard, they have a certain way of talking about some specific things very directly but also making encompassing statements that show you their bigger picture of intent even when they don’t entirely come out and saying directly.

It’s their presently practiced SOP, and I doubt they will be changing that practice any time soon.

As long as Titan Panel, Adibags, Auctionator, MRP, and DBM are untouched I don’t care what addons are banned or not.

Over the years Blizzards has done a good job of changing the addon API to make things safer for its playerbase. Sometimes that has caused an inconvenience to players using the addons but by and large it has been for the best.

Blizzard has even absorbed some of the addons of days gone by into the stock game itself.

As a proponent of addons in wow and a developer I know that we are waiting on pins and needles to see what the API has for us. Even with statements made at last blizzcon some things can change.

We will know what we can do when we have the API. There will be limitations for sure as well as additions. The 8.x api has no understanding of spell ranks for example.

So we wait.

Custom raid markers were used regularly in WoW, before they added it into the main system. Custom Raid Markers are authentic Vanilla.

yah why use a scalpel when I have this perfectly good shotgun here :O)

That was post 69 Giggedy

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A source citation on their commitment to remain on 7.3.5 “forever” is needed I think. I’ll put good odds that the beta will have 8.1 “under the hood” if it comes out in the next month or so.

I can’t find the ‘forever’ part true. But since they’re also not likely to be going to be advancing the UI API in line with Retail, I’d expect them to pick one and stick to it. Also, 8.01 is barely different from 7.3.5 so the change is likely irrelevant.

The point being, not 1.12.

This is basically impossible to enforce.
Trying to do so (and failing) will just result in wasted resources, if they’re so against certain addons they can simply disable a couple key ones because it is IMPOSSIBLE for them to ban specific ones at all times unless they basically completely disable them.
There will always be another version, another similar addon, a work around, etc.

At certain point I think this is more just picking on things you don’t like, there were plenty of auction, mail, bags, bars, basically for everything, just not as developed as current addons, you just didn’t used them or you played super casually.

That or you guys are BSing and never played vanilla.
Ever heard of YOU ARE THE BOMB

Uh, there were literally DOZENS of addons in Classic that tracked resource nodes.
“Quest helper” mods were also in the game and even getting reasonably advanced by about the time AQ40 came out.

Blizzard: “We’re disabling communication between Player’s addons. No Addon will be capable of reading a private channel.”

Not that hard.